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Lara Stone Gets Hitched

16 May 2010, 16.46 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 1 comment »

LaraStoneWedding Lara Stone Gets Hitched

The rumors were flying that this would be the weekend that major model Lara Stone would marry U.K. comic David Williams, and the event did go down at the Claridge Hotel in England yesterday. On this page is an image of Lara the day before, on her way to attend a Chelsea soccer match. There are no images of her dress yet, but the internets are saying she wore Givenchy.  The dress is said to be “a hugely romantic, layered lace design with thousands of tiny beads,” according to the DailyMail.

Images of flowers, and other junk we’re posting (including one of Tom Ford who looks very Matrix-y) because we don’t have the dress image yet after the flip.

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Agyness Deyn Walking her Pooch

13 May 2010, 19.13 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 2 comments »

AgynessDeyn1 Agyness Deyn Walking her Pooch

Model Agyness Deyn out and about working the ’80s punk look hard, with her cropped leather jacket, skinny black jeans and oxblood Doc Martens. She even has a tiger print umbrella to add more reference to the decade. And how cute is her puppy??


Lagerfeld’s ‘Remember Now’ Parts I & II

12 May 2010, 17.52 | Posted in Media, Models, advertisement | 1 comment »

Part I:

Part II:

As mentioned here yesterday Karl Lagerfeld premiered his short flick, “Remember Now” last night, and we present it here, split into two parts. The clothing is gorgeous, but as a poster on YouTube aptly sums up, “Rich and beautiful people fucking themselves with their egos. What an inane cliché.” Funny and true.

Lara Stone for H&M Summer Bikini Campaign

10 May 2010, 20.15 | Posted in Models, advertisement | 1 comment »

Here’s an interview of model Lara Stone, who was interviewed along with a bunch of other models as part of her participation in H&M’s summer ad campaign for its swimsuit line. She looks and seems like quite the alien in this black and white video, which of course is a big part of why we love her. Here’s another H&M video of Lara modeling a suit, leaving behind her alien persona and exchanging it for her smoking hot sexy side.  If you want to see all the H&M girls flouncing around in nearly nothing, click here.

Uniqlo X Agyness & Emily Deyn

06 May 2010, 19.14 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Models, Retail | 5 comments »

UniqloAgy2 Uniqlo X Agyness & Emily Deyn

Model Agyness Deyn and her hermana, Emily, have collaborated on a line of tees with Uniqlo as part of its ongoing UT Project (a series of limited edition tees designed in partnership with various and sundry cool folks). And while a tee-shirt collabo isn’t exactly exciting stuff, the cut and added details on these tops are actually pretty cute. And by the way, those of you who are wondering about Aggy’s little sister, she is 22, lives in New York and has a design company called HusseinDeyn.

Via DazedDigital. More tees after the jump.

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Lara Stone for Morning Beauty Magazine

22 April 2010, 18.13 | Posted in Magazines, Models | No comments »

LaraStoneFGR Lara Stone for Morning Beauty Magazine

Model and HighSnobette fave, Lara Stone, appears in the latest issue of Morning Beauty magazine. She’s shot by Paoli Reversi, who does a fantastic job of bringing her quirky gorgeousness to the forefront via over-exposed and b/w imagery, which bring out her mouth and eyes. More images at FashionGoneRogue, which, of course include nude shots. I mean, is there even a non-Vogue photo shoot that exists these days that doesn’t require the model to take her top off?

What’s with all the Nude Girls??

20 April 2010, 15.42 | Posted in Models | 1 comment »

FashionCopious Whats with all the Nude Girls??

It’s pretty much impossible these days to visit any fashion site without seeking oodles of fully naked models. Samia and I were trying to figure out what that’s all about. The easy answer would be upping readership, but this is fashion, which yes, commerce matters, but the art does, too. I was saying sometimes we don’t know what the message of art is until after the movment has passed, but I’m wondering if this doesn’t indicate that we’re going through a period of renewal…a sort of out with the old and something new is just around the corner. We just don’t know what it is yet. Or it could be as simple as magazines/photographers have discovered there’s a new envelope on what they can get away with and they’re pushing it to find out the limit.

Image via FashionCopious from May issue of Dazed & Confused magazine.

Lara Stone for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

14 April 2010, 23.05 | Posted in Make- up,Cosmetics, Models | No comments »

LSGA Lara Stone for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

As we fall ever deeper in love with very-big-deal model Lara Stone, it’s fun to see the heavy-hitting labels do the same and watch which parts of her thoroughbred-good looks they choose to hone in on. For Giorgio Armani, it’s the eyes, fantasmically accented by her now signature bleached-out eyebrows.

Via FashionCopious. This particular shot is being used with Giorgio’s “Eyes to Kill” mascara. See it after the flip.

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Lara Dutta In Vogue India March Issue

18 March 2010, 22.44 | Posted in Fashion, Media, Models | 3 comments »

voguemarch 2010

Indian actress and model Lara Dutta graces the cover of Vogue India wearing Joshipura, whose collection we featured a few weeks ago. When I think that Vogue is practically a global publication  I wonder why there is not more crossover of news and information. I don’t know about you but I am fascinated by fashion from other parts of the world… On the next page the feature on Namrata Joshipura.

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Giselle on Cover of Vogue ‘Shape’ Issue

15 March 2010, 19.57 | Posted in Magazines, Media, Models | 1 comment »


New mom Giselle will be on the April cover of Vogue magazine, as shot by Patrick Demarchelier It’s the “shape” issue, which, given Giselle’s status as a supermodel is naturally going to make people freak out. The idea is that Giselle was shot just six weeks after her little boo-boo, Benjamin Rein, was born. Still, given how little she is in this image, people are going to be ticked. The Brazillian babe says there’s a reason she bounced back so quick: “I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds.”

To see behind the images from the shoot and video, visit Vogue.

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