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Paper Dress by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov

21 July 2009, 18.15 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, Magazines | 2 comments »

highsnobette alexandra zaharova ilya plotnikov paper dresses 05 Paper Dress by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov

The fate of the fashion magazines with the expansion of online media  will lie in a publications ability to showcase fashion as art and not just replicate the looks of the runway. This editorial featured in the July/August ‘09 issue of   L’officiel  where Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov fashioned dresses and accessories completely out of paper is simply admirable. Via Gradient. More images on the next page.

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Vogue Italia x Black Barbie x The Black Issue

17 July 2009, 16.44 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, Magazines, Media | 1 comment »

image2 Vogue Italia x Black Barbie x The Black Issue

Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie” Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Italia.

 In July 2008, Vogue Italia created the first Black Issue sending a strong message about the importance of diversity to the fashion world. The special issue was a tremendous success from Milan to New York reaching a 40-percent increase in sales.The Vogue Italia Black Issue was conceived by Franca Sozzani, who decided to dedicate a full issue to black models that have reached successes in the influential areas of fashion and art. It was her vision to extend the edition this year to include images of Barbie. The July 2009  issue of Vogue Italia, now available.

 Now , why is this happening in Europe and not in the US ? Anna what is the deal? On the next page more info and images.

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V Magazine Issue #60 Fall 2009 Preview

02 July 2009, 13.10 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, Magazines | No comments »

074 willyvandapere V Magazine Issue #60  Fall 2009 Preview

Here’s an inside look at the illustrious V Magazine  Issue # 60 Fall 2009 preview, Available on July 7, 2009 . A Touch of Class” photographed by Willy Vanderperre, Styling: Olivier Rizzo, Model : Iris Strubegger . More images on the next page.

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The Rise of the ‘Lux Sneaker’ on Sneaker Freaker

1243995342pg2leftjpg The Rise of the Lux Sneaker on Sneaker Freaker

With a first lady rocking lanvin sneakers , brands like Margiela and Chanel producing designs  that have made even the sneaker shy lust. Sneaker Freaker put together a nice feature on the rise of what they  call the ‘Lux’ sneaker. You can read the feature ”Is High Fashion The New SB? “ here. Enjoy!

A Magazine Issue #9 Curated by Proenza Schouler

11 June 2009, 15.00 | Posted in Design, Designer Collaboration, Fashion, Magazines, Media | No comments »

cover lowres A Magazine Issue #9 Curated by Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler are the next guest curators for the 9th Edition of A Magazine, the first Americans given this honor.In this ‘Made In The USA’ issue, Proenza Schouler will share with us their process, deeply rooted in the cross-polinization between creative fields, and invite friends, artists, journalists,photographers, stylists to showcase the independent creative spirit of the American landscape today and explore its link to the nation’s creative past. A Magazine will be released on the occasion of Pitti W for which Proenza Schouler is the special guest. June 16 th to June 19th in Florence.

Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle July 2009

09 June 2009, 17.53 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Magazines, celebrity | 2 comments »

gwen stefani photos in the magazine Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle July 2009

Before Rihanna ,  Gwen Stefani used who make our heads turn with her ability to really rock some amazing looks. Granted, she was not photographed half as much, even in her hottest moments… Thankfully Gwen  graces the cover of Elle Magazine  for july 2009 showing that she still has “it”.  Detailed view of the look on the next page via JJ.

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Miss Behave: R.I.P.

21 May 2009, 19.11 | Posted in Magazines | 3 comments »

missb Miss Behave: R.I.P.

Just read on Jezebel that MissBehave the blog is no longer. The mag went under a few months ago, but writers for the site received a mass-email on Monday from publisher Samantha Moeller that the show would not go on. Sam blogs about it on her personal site, HipsterMom.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since I went away and well I might as well just come straight out with it….I’m not going to be working on Missbehave anymore. Ouch. It hurts to say out loud. I haven’t issued a statement on the site yet but I thought that I would take baby steps and start here. It’s sad because Missbehave was my life for so long. It was once a great Magazine and with time could have become a really great website, but it seemed like each week my pregnancy sunk in, the more my head was somewhere else, like here, writing about funny stuff that happens at the playground or my toddler shopping addiction. I’ll admit it, my lifestyle is changing. “

There’s been some fall out with one former writer miffed on lack of payment. And okay, while there’s no denying the suckage of not being paid money due to you, I’m depressed to see MissBehave circle the drain. I did a column for the mag called “Meetin in the Ladies Room,” and I did it for very little pay ’caused I thought it was an amazing magazine (shoot–it had Kelis as a columnist!). The site’s blog was fun, too, and as a HighSnobetter, I always envied its dope manicure coverage, not to mention all the random and never predictable coverage and opinions. Sam, mami, good luck with the new bambino, and thanks for all the many, many goodies you brought to the table.  The babies are lucky to have you full time and no doubt we haven’t heard the last of you as far as creative projects and ideas and whatnot are concerned.

Iconique Mag Twitterviews Designer Joline Jolink

18 May 2009, 13.43 | Posted in Books, Design, Fashion, Magazines, interviews | No comments »

newsletter may2009 03 540x360 Iconique Mag Twitterviews Designer Joline Jolink

Iconique Fashion Magazine will be one of the first online fashion magazines to take an interview on Twitter. Both the designer and magazine are active on Twitter and keen on online media in general. Joline Jolink launched her successful webshop in 2008, which made her one of the first Dutch designers to sell online. She continues to explore online shopping by adding new services such as free fabric swatches that can be sent upon request.You can view the Joline Jolink Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection here.

A transcript of the so-called Twitterview will be available on Iconique. Want to follow the Tweets live? The Twitterview will take place on May 19 at 6 P.M. Central European Time and can be followed on the Twitter pages of either Iconique Fashion Magazine (www.twitter.com/iconiquemag) or Joline Jolink (twitter.com/JolineJolink). We live in amazing times!

Download Nylon Magazine May ‘09 For Free!

23 April 2009, 16.49 | Posted in Fashion, Magazines | 1 comment »

nylon young hollywood Download Nylon Magazine May 09 For Free!

The latest issue of Nylon Magazine featuring the hottest of Young Hollywood is now avilable for free! Download it  Here.

Lady Caprice Issue 11

20 April 2009, 17.54 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Magazines | 1 comment »

cover  111 Lady Caprice Issue 11

The   bi-lingual fashion Mag Lady Caprice is now availble!  featuring as usual great style and some of the most talked about artists and performers including DJ Laylo, Keziah Jones and much more. For distributors visit Lady Caprice online.