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Eva Mendes For Allure Magazine

15 July 2010, 15.19 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 4 comments »

masl01 mendes Eva Mendes For Allure Magazine

Today I just might post only celebrity images. For no special reason, it just seems it might work out that way. Here we have Eva Mendes who is featured on the August cover for Allure magazine. Photographed by Michael Thompson, in this shot she’s wearing Dolce & Gabbana. On her own stunner looks, Mendes admits she’s not always so convinced, especially during photo shoots. “If a negative thought pops into my head, I talk to the voice within me and say, ‘I know you want to tell me that I’m less than desirable, but not now. You can come back in a couple days and cut me down when I’m done with this shoot. I promise to let you in then,’” she says.

Nicki Minaj For Black Men’s Magazine

15 July 2010, 14.44 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 1 comment »

Nicki4 Nicki Minaj For Black Mens Magazine

Nicki is looking her usual very together self for the August issue of Black Men’s magazine. Photographer Howard Huang was the photographer and the bodysuit she’s wearing here is by Ashton Michael. I have to say, as much as I do admire all this Trini-born, Queens-raised woman has accomplished, from a style perspective the brightly-colored wig thing doesn’t do it for me. But oh well young female, do what makes sense for you.

Images via Nick-Minaj. More across the line, including one featuring Nicki in a set of earrings by Melody Ehsani.

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Superwoman Shoes Shot By Camilla Akrans

14 July 2010, 15.53 | Posted in Magazines, Shoes | 6 comments »

CamillaAkrans Superwoman Shoes Shot By Camilla Akrans

Found these shoes, which have me humming Alicia Keyes’ “Superwoman….yes I am” over at my new favorite blog, Fashiontography. They’re shot by Camilla Akrans for Self Service magazine. Unfortunately no credit is given to the designer so I’m calling on all my fashion geeks so I can give proper representation!

UPDATE: Cecilia in the comments tells us these are Prada, Fall 08. You guys should go check out her site, Mymagicdiary, which includes a line of accessories she designs….she has some very cute items!

Ciara In August Issue Of Essence

12 July 2010, 23.05 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 4 comments »

EssenceCiara5 Ciara In August Issue Of Essence

Ciara is featured in a multi-page spread in the August issue of Essence magazine. Great clothes (in this image she’s wearing a Just Cavalli dress) and styling and Ciara looks fabola. And lucky I happened across this issue at my nail salon when I was getting a pedicure last week because lord knows Essence almost never gets the on-line love or credit it deserves for its fashion shoots. Images via UltimateCiara.

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Ashley Smith For Tank Magazine: Sexxxy!

05 July 2010, 23.21 | Posted in Magazines, Models | 2 comments »

ashley smith christophe rihet fashiontography 1 Ashley Smith For Tank Magazine: Sexxxy!

Maybe it’s the hot and humid temps of summer, but something about this shot of major up-and-comer Ashley Smith for Tank Magazine is so smoking hot sexy it’s making my head swim, proving once again that it’s so much more about the suggestion. Photographed by Christophe Rihot and styled by Yasmine Eslami. Via Fashiontography.

Amber Rose Cream World Photo Shoot

05 July 2010, 16.45 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 2 comments »

Amber Rose is featured this month on the cover of Canadian pop-culture magazine Cream World. The video features behind-the-scene takes from the photo shoot. Not sure if this is developing into a theme beginning with the previous post, but….not feeling the make-up here either!

Some stills from the shoot after the flip.

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Lily Allen On Cover Of U.K. Elle July Issue

02 July 2010, 21.54 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 1 comment »

 Lily Allen On Cover Of U.K. Elle July Issue

Lily Allen takes the cover of this month’s U.K. Elle magazine. I’ve always rooted for Allen, not sure why, there’s just something kind of cute and sassy about her that’s attractive. And then, too, back when douchbag-of-life Perez Hilton was at the height of his young-female-hating powers and most folks were just too scared to fight back, Lily never held back and always went at him full guns blazing. I like the fighters. Via Twenty2.

Wonder Woman Gets A Makeover

01 July 2010, 12.42 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Magazines, celebrity | 3 comments »

 Wonder Woman Gets A Makeover

In celebration of issue No. 600, Wonder Woman, who was born in 1941, is getting a makeover. According to Jim Lee, who designed the new look, “The original costume was the American flag brought to life,” said Jim Lee. “This one is a little more universal.” Well the new Wonder Woman clearly isn’t as fun as the old one. The camp element is also gone, making the new a much less likely candidate for a Haloween custome. And you downgrade her from a bodysuit during a period when that item is experiencing all-time high levels of popularity?? I say keep the bodysuit though change colors and the boots (perhaps something studded?) and add some kick-ass head piece. Voila, modernized, but not devoid of the signature look that makes her memorable. Via New York Times.

V Magazine: Colored Eyebrows

30 June 2010, 14.59 | Posted in Magazines, Models | 1 comment »

V66KarolinaClose V Magazine: Colored Eyebrows

With all the emphasis on bright eye liner, it’s not surprising that some of that color has migrated to the eyebrows, a fresh look that I adore even more than the Crayola-colored locks trend. This image is from V Magazine’s “Woman in Full” editorial and once again, the emphasis is on more voluminous 50s-inspired looks. I’m trying not to be bitter because personally this is one of my least favorite fashion eras. My theory is that designers are looking to reset the bar in an effort to shift away from punky looks, but I don’t see it working because it’s too violent of a swing. More likely I see women shifting over to trousers and the like–at least that’s what I hope anyway! Down with the oppresive, styfling and hypocritical ’50s!

Models featured in the shoot are Miranda Kerr (wearing Prada), Karolina Kurkova (wearing Yves Saint Laurent and Celine) and Jacquelyn Jablonski (wearing Valentino and Calvin Klein Collection).  More looks after the flip.

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M.I.A. For July GQ Magazine

24 June 2010, 15.42 | Posted in Magazines, Media, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

mia01 M.I.A. For July GQ Magazine

Maya is profiled in a seven-page article for GQ magazine’s July issue. The interview took place after her disastrous profile in the NY Times so you know she was very much on her guard. And while it’s much more sympathetic (highlighting her dysfunctional upbringing), her contradictory views (aka, her tendency to tell tall tales) remain a theme. So good, now that we all know that she aint perfect we can hopefully move on. On another note, the story chats about her upcoming record release, but that ship started leaking all over the internet at least a week ago.

More images after the flip..

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