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Introducing: Modoc Designs Jewellery

15 August 2012, 10.36 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Jewellery | No comments »

Modoc Designs1

Designed and handmade by Rashell Crume, Modoc Designs is a line of hand-crafted, beaded jewellery that seamlessly blends a Native American flair with a modern twist. Wear a single piece or pile them on, like above for a look that is unique and thoroughly Highsnobette approved. See more of Modoc Designs on the next page.

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Vhernier ‘Haiti’ Ring

13 August 2012, 20.56 | Posted in Art, FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Jewellery | No comments »

img most wanted vhernier haiti ring 170647819459 540x482 Vhernier Haiti Ring

Fashion and luxury can be great tools to raise capital for social/humanitarian causes, however, oftentimes in an effort to appeal to sensitivity  and compassion,  the images used have no connection to the actual items but everything to do with the cause they ‘re supporting. It’s like seeing a save the shildren, or prevent animal abuse  commercial that just happens to play right after a religious program.

One can say that showing the raw living conditions of an  impoverished country brings reality and hopefully compassion to the viewer and prospective consumer, but what also happens is that  these images  also  can create a sense of guilt,  an uneasiness that can propel action but also limit the interaction of the consumer with the offered product.

As controversial as this might sound while I believe in the goodness of humankind, not every consumer will be touched by every cause, or need be presented with the graphic images associated with the cause.  Luxury is about status, indulgence and also craftsmanship . The emotions connected to  luxurious beautiful items can be revisited over and over again, hence my appreciation for Vhernier’s “Haiti” Ring, whose sleekness of design and presentation is a great example of fashion and luxury with a social component that is implied but not forced. The consumer is seduced by the beauty of item and sometimes that is enough. Each ring purchased will provide a year of tuition for a child at St. Luc Street School and The Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti. Purchasing info here.

Project NY: Falling Whistles

10 August 2012, 12.17 | Posted in FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Jewellery | No comments »

P7212694 540x500 Project NY: Falling Whistles

Falling Whistles, devoted to calling out social injustices in Congo has updated their whistle silhouette this fall to include a sleeker whistle with a white tip,  as a nod the story of the 5 boys who inspired the movement. We’ll keep you updated of the release date.

Bliss Lau ‘Fathom’ Ring

09 August 2012, 13.13 | Posted in Fashion, Jewellery | No comments »

fathom 540x410 Bliss Lau Fathom Ring

Inspired by the concept of navigation , the center u-shaped ring is made of rose gold with v-shaped prongs holding a Vikings Compass gemstone also known as iolite. The compass gemstone was used by the Vikings to navigate, the stone was polarized and fabled to have shown the direction of the North Star. The bridge ring surrounds the stone, much like the fathom. a measurement from one tip to the other tip of the arms-pan.

See the rings separated on the next page. Available in a limited edition of 11 here.

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Ad: David Webb Ft. Terry Richardson Autumn 2012

02 August 2012, 16.33 | Posted in Jewellery, Models, advertisement, photography | 2 comments »

David Webb Terry Richardson Ad: David Webb Ft. Terry Richardson Autumn 2012

Jewellery makers David Webb’s  take the unusual step of featuring Terry Richardson as shot with model Eniko for it Autumn 2012 print campaign. Yes, we are all quite used to seeing Richardson pose alongside his subjects on his own blog, but for brand campaigns as far as I can recall he always has been behind the lens. [UPDATE: No, says a commentor, Richardson has been featured in ads he has shot before so nothing new.] Sima Ghadamian, co-owner of David Webb, commenting on the campaign says:

“Featuring Terry Richardson in our 2012 ad campaign felt like a natural evolution. We are excited to include Terry as his vision embodies the bold, modern aesthetic of David Webb. Under the creative direction of Alex Wiederin, Terry’s playful yet seductive photography and Lori Goldstein’s ‘more is more’ style captured our brand flawlessly.”

The ads appear in the September issues of Vogue, Garage, Russian Tatler, Town & Country amongst others.

Project NY: Han Cholo Jewellery

31 July 2012, 16.20 | Posted in Jewellery | No comments »

P7222736 540x540 Project NY: Han Cholo Jewellery

Han Cholo’s Brandon Schoolhouse has  been providing jewellery hotness for a while now, and every season seems better than the last. We got a peek at some of his jewels for this upcoming Fall at Project last week and huney, we’re in love. See more on the flip!

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Onch Movement ‘My Little Pony’ Necklace

26 July 2012, 17.49 | Posted in Accessories, Jewellery | No comments »

OnchMovementMyLittlePony2 540x540 Onch Movement My Little Pony Necklace

It appears My Little Pony is having a moment. First there was the Karl Lagerfeld and Lady Gaga inspired My Little Ponys and now we have Onch Movement offering a necklace themed around the silky-maned toy.  And do not fear, these items are officially sanctioned by Hasbro, which owns the keys to the stable housing all of the world’s Little Ponys.

On another note, if there is something vaguely familiar about the over-the-top nature of this necklace, it’s probably because Nicki Minaj is a big fan of the label and caused quite a stir when she sported the brand’s plastic, pink chicken wing necklace a while back.

Via Todokowaii.

Project NY: M.Cohen Spring 2013

24 July 2012, 19.49 | Posted in Accessories, Jewellery | No comments »

P7222708 536x540 Project NY: M.Cohen Spring 2013

Yours truly loves  to layer jewellery, especially bracelets. The idea of wearing one bracelet is a foreign concept. Needless to say M.Cohen whose latest  includes the introduction of more beads and fabric is at the top of my list of covetable jewellery lines. #want

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Allumer x Paul Smith ‘Flicker Of Light’ Jewellery

24 July 2012, 11.16 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Jewellery | No comments »

w-g match - amethyst

The U.K.’s Allumer has partnered with Paul Smith on a capsule collection, featuring its signature match necklace launching this August.  Crafted in silver,  with garnet,  amethyst and 9K gold vermeil with green tourmaline and moonstone,  as a symbol of the spark that lights up your life we find these irresistible. See them up close on the next page. Available soon  here and at Paul Smith.

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Lulu Frost ‘100 Years’ Collection Earrings At Liberty London

12 July 2012, 18.33 | Posted in Accessories, Jewellery | 1 comment »

lulu frost

Long before there were arms parties , yours truly was waltzing through the city with more jewellery than its necessary or ever recommended to wear.Needless to say a good piece of jewellery has the potential of making us swoon. Just spotted these beauties from Lulu Frost at a showcase attended by Susie Lau and had to share.See more jewellery now available at   Liberty London here.