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Volt Magazine ‘Revolution’ Short Film

16 May 2011, 02.26 | Posted in Magazines, interviews | 4 comments »

Enjoy a look at Volt Magazine’s latest feature of actress Malgosia Garnys in  a short  film by Cathrine Westergaard titled ‘Revolution’. The accompanying interview can be read in its entirety here.

Interview: Fleet Ilya Designers Talk To Highsnobette

22 April 2011, 22.39 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Fashion, interviews | 1 comment »
Portrait by Brett Llyoyd

Portrait by Brett Lloyd

Anchored on design, craftsmanship with a little kink, U.K.-based Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma of Fleet Ilya have cleverly meshed high-end design, functionality and edgy  bondage accessories that were once  reserved for the boudoir. Fleet Ilya, the collection of restraint and accessories has since its inception garnered a global  following of admirers all smitten with the duo’s ability to make leather desirable and decidedly out the box. We even made them part of our intro. On the next page enjoy reading about their process inspiration and more…All the pieces featured are available here.

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Garance Interviewed On New Jay-Z Site

05 April 2011, 19.30 | Posted in interviews | No comments »

GaranceDoreByScottSchuman Garance Interviewed On New Jay Z Site

All of the internets are buzzing that Mr. Sean Carter has launched a site titled Lifeandtimes. It includes style features and while clearly more for a male audience, among the neckties and men’s shoes was an interview with street photographer Garance Dore (that’s her above in a photo accompanying the interview, shot by her fella, Scott Schuman). Here are a few of her responses:

L+T: What’s the most fashionable place you’ve ever been?
GD: Anna Della Russo’s closet.

L+T: Who are three artists in your iPod that you’ll never take out?
GD: Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Destiny’s Child

L+T: What fashion trends should we be looking forward to in 2011?
GD: I love hats and I would like to see more women and men adopting them into their wardrobe.

Note the nod to Beyonce! Definitely it will be interesting to see if the famously private Jay-Z will use his insider access to create compelling content. So far he’s playing his hand chest close and like a lot of things Carter-related, you feel a wall. Though given this is just day one, it’s will take a few weeks to tell.

Lady Gaga Interviewed By Google

24 March 2011, 22.57 | Posted in Music, celebrity, interviews | No comments »

Lady Gaga vists with Google, where she is interviewed by Google’s Vice President of Consumer Affairs, Marissa Mayer and takes questions from fans in the audience and on video. The presentation starts with a statistical analysis of Lady Gaga’s presence on Google, which is impressive to say the least.

Proenza Schouler Interviewed By Chloe Sevigny

25 February 2011, 16.21 | Posted in Magazines, interviews | No comments »

ProenzaSchouler Proenza Schouler Interviewed By Chloe Sevigny

If Tom Ford has the fashion internets the most annoyed than Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the design duo behind Proenza Schouler, has them the most charmed. Between winning (no, it’s not the playoffs, but yeah it sort of is) New York Fashion Week with their computerized Navaho collection and then gushing about how important the internets are–no less to a room full of bloggers, who for that moment didn’t have to suffer from their usual inferiority complex, they’re totally in that everyone-loves phase right now.

And Chloe Sevigny’s chat with them in Interview magazine doesn’t make them any less lovable.  Here’s an excerpt detailing how Hernandez lost their dog in his building when it accidentally got into the elevator by itself and wandered into an event taking place on another floor.

Hernandez: Well, I get to the lobby and there are hundreds of people. There’s a line down to Broome Street. I asked some guy, “Have you seen a dog?” He’s like, “Oh, yeah. Someone left a dog in the elevator. I don’t know where he went. He’s somewhere in the building.” I have no idea it’s Harmony [Korine]’s or Rita [Ackermann]’s opening. So I go to the Swiss Institute and it’s packed with hundreds of people. My dog weighs five pounds! I’m freaking out.
Sevigny: Someone stepped on him.
Hernandez: More like, someone stole him. One of these fucking hipsters stole my dog.
Sevigny: Does he have a collar on?
Hernandez: Nothing. No!
Sevigny: Well, that’s an irresponsible owner.
Hernandez: I’m at this party. I start bumping into Harmony and Terry [Richardson] and all these people. I’m thrown into this party environment and I’m just looking for my dog. I’m really scared. All of a sudden you call me. I thought you were at the party and you had seen me or something. I thought, Oh, Chloë must be here. I picked up, and you said, “Did you lose your dog?”

And the adorable cuteness doesn’t end there. There’s more about their design process, competition and how Helmut Lang is the inspiration for their generation. As a bonus we all learn how to pronounce Sevigny. Of course hopefully they enjoy it while it lasts because this is fashion, after all, and every dog has his day. More images via Interview from the Spring collection on the next page.

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Olivier Theyskens Talks ‘Theyken’s Theory’ To Net-a-Porter

15 February 2011, 15.18 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

YouTube Preview Image
Newly launched on Net-a-porter eenjoy designer Olivier Theykens interview for the Lux online reatailer who now carries the Theyken’s Theory collection here.

Diane Pernet Talks To Ann Demeulmeester

09 February 2011, 13.46 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

Diane Pernet got to speak to one of my longtime fashion heroes, the illustrious Ann Demeulmeester during the Joyce ’s  40th anniversary, as she shares her first encounter with the Hong Kong  retailer’s buyer, her creative process and more.Enjoy!

Interview: Zana Bayne Leather Spring/Summer 2011

28 December 2010, 16.06 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Fashion, interviews | 3 comments »

zanabayne15 540x358 Interview: Zana Bayne Leather Spring/Summer 2011

If you’ve read us for a while or read our “about” section, you’ll know we have a taste for the sexy and uncommon. Fittingly we had to give shine to Zana Bayne whose latest collection of accessories, which includes belts, spats and her sexy take on the leather harness, is launching for sale online 1.1.11 ( stay tuned for more info on that). Meanwhile,  on the next page read our Q&A with Zana and take a look at her sleek collection that is so HighSnobette approved it makes us weak in the knees…

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Louboutin Interviewed By Verbal At Tokyo Boutique

08 December 2010, 15.25 | Posted in Retail, Shoes, interviews | 2 comments »

LouboutinXVerbal Louboutin Interviewed By Verbal At Tokyo Boutique

As part of his effort to promote his recently opened boutique in Tokyo, his first-ever in Japan, Christian Louboutin was recently interviewed by Japanese producer and designer Verbal (in the image above, his shoe is on the left and Louboutin’s on the right). They discuss the design of the store, Louboutin’s inspirations and how he designs men’s shoes. Though I must confess, my interpretation comes through computer translation of the Japanese text so take my words with a grain of salt! Via Honeyee. More images on the next page.

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Business Of Fashion’s Imran Amed Talks To Nick Knight

06 December 2010, 15.29 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | 1 comment »

Via Business of Fashion:

Ten years ago at 19:27 GMT on 27 November 2000, at a time before streaming runway shows, before Facebook, before YouTube, before the rise of Web 2.0 itself, Nick Knight’s transformative fashion website SHOWstudio.com went live. Mr. Knight, a boundary-breaking fashion photographer, had considered the internet and saw something that others did not: where many in the industry saw only ugliness and risk, he saw the potential for emotion, connection and opportunity. Crucially, he also understood that digital — inherently active, social, transparent and restless — would fundamentally transform the “closed” fashion system and radically change the way fashion media was created and consumed. While others averted their eyes, Nick  Knight set about catalysing the revolution.”

In front  of an audience of 200,  Nick Knight  shares his thoughts on fashion, Showstudio and much more. The conversation even became a trending topic on Twitter!