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Melody Ehsani On Life + Times

26 September 2011, 22.49 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

me leigh 381x540 Melody Ehsani On Life + Times

One of our fave ladies Melody Ehsani gets love from Life+Times in a feature written by no less than the amazing Dream Hampton:

Melody Ehsani is as beautiful as anything she’s ever created. She experiments with fashion and makeup in ways that anticipate trends (she shaved one side of her head about five years before Cassie) and her presence single-handedly transforms a room she enters. Still, she’s soulful and her jewelry, worn by music’s biggest trendsetters, always seems to carry a story or history, or even humor (see the enamel “I’m Fly” jet plane ring). She’s intentional in every way, she holds a direct gaze and is generous and disciplined about keeping her word. Melody’s drive and focus have given her brand cache. And she’s just beginning…

Read the complete interview here.

Interview: Jeremey Scott Talks To Sneaker Freaker

10 August 2011, 16.04 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, interviews | No comments »

j scott head 1 540x358 Interview: Jeremey Scott Talks To Sneaker Freaker

One of the institutions in sneaker culture, the illustrious Sneaker Freaker, got to pick the brain of Snob  favorite Jeremy Scott. A worthy read as you can see:

Do you think that people take fashion too seriously?
Yes I do. It should be fun, it should be something that you play with. Fashion should be… frivolous. I guess the thing that’s hard for me to understand is why other people see fashion in that way, because I just don’t. I don’t think I see life in that way either. Even when really bad things happen, I can still kind of chuckle about it. It doesn’t mean it’s not serious. But I could still probably make a joke about it, you know? And have a little laugh, even though I’m upset. I just think of fashion as a church, where they kneel down and pray in front of a blouse. It’s not meant for that! I want my clothes to have a life. I want people to live in them and wear them and create memories in them, meet their boyfriend and then have pictures on Facebook, then going back and thinking ‘Oh, I was wearing that jacket,’ and that has so much more emotion instead of something that’s so precious you don’t even want to wear it!

Full interview here.

Artist Spotlight: Sky Farrell Talks To Rad Collector’s JZ Radical

29 July 2011, 12.38 | Posted in Art, interviews | 1 comment »

sky Farrell

Radcollector columnist, JZ Radical, owner of Narural Koncept  talks to uber talented  artist Sky Farrell.Read the interview  in its entitrety  here.  Girl Rule!

Kali Arulpragasam Invoices Her Sister MIA For Jewels

14 July 2011, 15.00 | Posted in Accessories, Jewellery, interviews | 1 comment »

Highsnobette Superfertile Murder aw 2011 382x5401 Kali Arulpragasam Invoices Her Sister MIA For Jewels

We showed Super Fertile designer Kali Arulpragasam’s latest jewellery collection titled “Murder” (one look featured above) last week and today Stylelist has followed up with an interview with the designer. If you don’t already know, she is the older sister of M.I.A. and in the interview she was asked what her sibling thinks of her work:

What does M.I.A. think of the collection?
I tend to not give my jewels to celebrities, so she usually gets an invoice from me when she wants something. After I released the first images of “Murder” during the first week of June she tweeted it, so I know she approves. I’m experimenting with a new concept which is not to use celebrities to sell my work. I never use celebrities. I must be the only designer to turn down Lady Gaga. I don’t even have a press agent. I’m approaching this as art, my jewelry is wearable art.

Darn! Perhaps not the best of friends those two, but they certain share the commonality of wearing their intensity on their sleeves, a trait which of course we admire greatly.

Oyster Magazine Interviews Michèle Lamy

13 July 2011, 14.39 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

MICHELE LAMY FACE1 HD HIDIRO  Oyster Magazine Interviews Michèle Lamy

Michèle Lamy is one of those enigmatic figures who  make our individualistic style dreams come true,  her latest feature on Oyster Magazine starts as follows:

Teenage stripper, cabaret consort, restaurateur, designer, film-maker, defence attorney and philosophical protègèe to the late Gilles Deleuze are but a handful of Lamy’s past pursuits. The LA club queen has cult appeal, kindled by an intimidating intellect and an awe-inspiring sense of style. In Oyster #93 we asked Lamy what roles beauty and self-image have played in her colourful life.

Read the full interview here.

Franca Sozzani Chats About Her Book: I Capricci Della Moda

06 July 2011, 13.36 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Magazines, interviews | 1 comment »

“Don’t try to be what people want you to be,  it’s the wrong way,” says Franca Sozzani  discussing her latest book I Capricci della Moda,  in which she shares her blog entries from last year, the exchanges she’s had with readers as well as an inside look into what makes Vogue Italia so successful. With sub-sites like “Vogue Curvy” and “Vogue Black,”  Sozanni also shares  that the printed magazine has seen a  20 percent increase in sales. We say take notes U.S. glossies!

Current Elliott Designers On The Fashion Informer ‘Random Questions’

05 July 2011, 12.44 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, interviews | No comments »

Meritt Elliott

Emily Current and Meritt Elliot of Current Elliot recent answered random questions by the Fashion Informer. You get a glimpse into the minds of the talented duo whose effortless cool appeal we’ve been big fans of, enjoy a snippet below:

“We were drawn to fashion early on,” the bffs said when asked what prompted them to choose careers in fashion. “It is an easy and accessible way to express your mood. We really enjoy the sociology behind fashion and why people buy. We loved that developing someone’s image was essentially branding them and we have been focusing on branding people and products ever since!”

Read the complete interview here.

Azzedine Alaïa Interview: His Views On Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour & More

22 June 2011, 13.42 | Posted in Fashion, interviews | No comments »

Virginie mag-azzedine

Virginie Magazine features an in depth interview with icon Azzedine Alaïa, in which he openly shares his opinions about fashion, Karl Lagerfeld and even Anna Wintour:

How do you feel about Karl Lagerfeld?

I don’t like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. It’s too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life. That doesn’t mean that he’s not great, but he’s part of another system. He has capacity. One day he does photography, the next he does advertisements for Coca-Cola. I would rather die than see my face in a car advertisement. We don’t do the same work. And I think that he is not doing a favor to young stylists who might think it works that way. They’re going to fall before they retire.

Read the entire interview here, definitely a must read.

M.I.S.S. TV Interviews Kreayshawn

14 June 2011, 13.21 | Posted in Music, interviews | No comments »

As the attention growns on Kreayshawan she chats with the ladies of Misscrew, enjoy!

Kreayshawn Chats About Being Signed By Columbia

10 June 2011, 14.34 | Posted in Music, interviews | 1 comment »

The buzz grows louder for songstress Kreayshawn, who was recently interviewed by our friends at Karmaloop TV. The chat took place shortly after she was signed by Columbia Records, which will release “Gucci Gucci” as her first single.

She starts off the interview by providing the correct pronunciation of her name and discusses despositing the advance from Columbia Records with an account balance of $170 and how she always grew up “extremely broke” and with her new money might buy “Cup of Noodles instead of Top Ramen because it comes with a cup….a little fancy.” She also opines on the history and the future of the word swag: “There’s going to be new words but I think swags gonna be….I can’t stop it. I’ve sat and tried to think of words I can replace it with but I can’t…swag.”

If you’re interesting in knowing more, here’s a good interview, in which she lists her mom (a lead guitarists in a few different punk bands), The Spice Girls and Missy Elliots as big influencers.