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Rihanna with Weird Muff at Chanel Spring 2010

06 October 2009, 15.16 | Posted in Fashion, Gadgets | 1 comment »

rhiweirdmuff Rihanna with Weird Muff at Chanel Spring 2010

Rihanna was a Chanel’s Spring 2010 ready-to-wear show. The highlight of her outfit was the fur muff featured here. Which, to be honest, looks like an item one might see being sold on Canal Street. Just ’cause it’s kind of cheap  looking, I mean, is the fur even real? And call me old-fashioned, but I can’t imagine being out and about with a fur muff in the Spring. (Even the word “muff,” it’s got this pervertedness to it, right?)

A couple more of our beloved Rihanna after the flip. We love this woman to pieces, but this outfit isn’t even trying to make it to her top-ten list.

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RUGBY Launches MYO iApplication

10 September 2009, 16.05 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Gadgets, Media | No comments »

img 8438 540x405 RUGBY  Launches MYO  iApplication

Having had an extensive background in visual merchandising, The RL ‘Rugby” stores have always ranked high of my list as a perfect examples of branding and lifestyle applied to retail. The women’s collection always features great blazers, pants and shirts as well as healthy dose of  feminine dresses and skirts, that hints to the rugby sport,vintage americana with a rebellious streak.

 Last night we had the pleasure to experience and preview the latest addition to the Rugby online experience  the Rugby Make Your Own, iApplication , where you can customise various rugby pieces, upload your creations to facebook and their gallery , rate designs and of course purchase. The iapplication is also live at various Ruby store location windows! A closer look at the event on the next page.

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Polaroid Returns

28 August 2009, 16.52 | Posted in Design, Gadgets | No comments »

polaroid is back1 Polaroid Returns

When the Polaroid factory closed in 2008, a group of  passionate former employees created the impossible project by purchasing the quipment with the goal of relaunching the original camera in 2010. The impossible project partened with Urban Outfitters to bring you an assortment of 700 cameras kits from the original factories. The A600, a definite collectors is on sale at Urban Outfitters uk.

Plia Designs ‘Kangaroo’ Case

17 July 2009, 14.52 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Gadgets | No comments »

kangaroo Plia Designs Kangaroo Case

Because our phones have become  inherent part of out ’super connected’ lives , finding a way to protect our devices  is not only a good idea,  it’s necessary. To do so in style Jill Partain created a capsule collection of leather cases and accessories. The textured leather’ Kangaroo’ case is our favorite of the bunch. For more info visit Plia Designs.

BlackBird Fly Camera by Superheadz

29 June 2009, 14.31 | Posted in Gadgets | 2 comments »

g556 4 1 540x234 BlackBird Fly Camera by Superheadz

I would not say I’ am a gadgety girl by any means, but my love of design often get me to notice objects that are just cool. The Black Bird Fly Camera by Japan based Superheadz, of course has an old school look that I love, and helps to take us back to the art of photography using 35mm film. Remember those? More colors on the next page via dailycandy. Available at unicahome.

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Introducing:Bowoo Made in Brooklyn

07 April 2009, 23.34 | Posted in Accessories, Gadgets, Music | No comments »

guitar bag 025346 540x190 Introducing:Bowoo Made in Brooklyn

For the most part guitar bags are not very sleek looking, but Brooklyn based Bowoo is changing that, with their newly launched line of unisex guitar bags. A closer look at their standard bag on the next page.viaLadieslotto

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Gazelle for Club Monaco

02 April 2009, 20.19 | Posted in Design, Gadgets | No comments »

microsite 04 Gazelle for Club Monaco


One of my all time favorite’s Club Monaco has partnered with Gazelle to bring you the Royal Gazelle. My taste in bikes has always leaned on the vintage side, needless to say this one is a beauty.

“Founded in 1892, Gazelle was  designed to fuse comfort with style, and functionality with elegance, the bicycle was originally created for the Dutch royal family. Gazelle’s long and illustrious history is not just due to its royal roots. Its evolution, as a bicycle ideally suited for urban transportation, has revolved around technological advancements and aesthetic improvements. Simply put, it’s a bike that’s easy to ride… and even easier to look fabulous on!”

The only bike endorsed by the Royal Dutch family, this bicycle is based off the original model designed in 1892 and is now available here at Club Monaco at the exclusive price of $995.

Cyclodelic: For the Ladies who Bike !

24 March 2009, 14.08 | Posted in Coats & Jackets, Design, Fashion, Gadgets, Stores | 3 comments »

psycodelic Cyclodelic: For the Ladies who Bike !

Certain brands make so much sense, you have to take the time to admire their genius and timeliness and you wonder why you did not come up with that concept. Introducing Cyclodelic a brand dedicated to the ladies who love riding their bicycles and want to do so in style.

Launching at Topshop on Oxford street on April 9,2009 the line features bike friendly apparel  and accessories that are  stylish , urban and not too sporty .

A look at a fun cape part of the collection on the next page.

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Yoyo Lip Gloss ….Never at a Loss for My Gloss

02 March 2009, 18.40 | Posted in Gadgets, Make- up,Cosmetics | No comments »

 yoyo toutes Yoyo Lip Gloss ....Never at a Loss for My Gloss

As illustrated by Lil mama, lip gloss can be a vital tool in young girls journey into womanhood. To remediate to  the sense of loss girls can feel in loosing  their favorite lipgloss,  Angie Parlionas, a new york native created YoYo lip gloss in 2003.  A  lip gloss attached to a yoyo string that never leaves the hip or bag where it’s attached.

The retractable glosses come in 5 different colors/flavors  illustrated by 5 gals who have their own myspace pages:  A baseball player,  a stylish cool gal, a break dancer, cheerleader and my fave,  a deejay.

As an adult tough, it’s still possible to be peeved  about loosing your favorite designer lipstick or gloss at a club or a concert , you might wanna snatch a couple of these  next time you hit the drugstore or make your little sister always has a stash you can ” borrow” from.

A closer Look at Yoyo Lip Gloss on the next page.

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The Chanel Segway

26 February 2009, 18.00 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Collaboration, Fashion, Gadgets | 5 comments »

Highsnobette- chanel segway

A Chanel Segway?? I’m on the fence as to weather this is really hot or just kinda dorky. Let me know what you all think. The personal transporter comes with quilted hand grips, black leather mudflaps, and it is absolutely dripping in the Chanel logo. Perhaps the most intriguing amenity is the Chanel 2.55 handbag that hangs from the handlebars, so you can look fly while speeding along at a whopping 12 miles an hour. Karl darling, you never cease to amaze me.

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