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Buyer’s Guide: V-Day Gift Ideas For Him

13 February 2013, 17.40 | Posted in Editor Picks, Gadgets | 1 comment »

Buyers Guide cover Buyers Guide: V Day Gift Ideas For Him
While Valentine’s Day remains as controversial as ever, it’s no longer just the woman who wonder and fret over receiving a gift. Men, too, have expectations of receiving some expression of affection. Rather than deal with the potential awkwardness of being empty-handed, it’s probably best to go into the day prepared. So in addition to the super expensive Christmas gift you’ve just given him plus the short trip to Bali for his birthday, we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on his face.

Check our selection on the next page.

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Céline ‘My Phone’ Mini Bags

25 January 2013, 15.04 | Posted in Accessories, Gadgets | 6 comments »

Celine mini bag Céline My Phone Mini Bags

Céline bags have long since dead become THE timeless it bag among stars and fashionistas all around the world. What we just found in our inbox are these cute mini Céline bag “My Phone” headphone plugs for those on a mini budget. The mini Céline can be plugged in various iPhone’s, Samsung and other phones aswell as MP3 players or iPADs.

Check out all  nine color variations and get your “My Phone” Mini Céline bag here.

Buyer’s Guide: 5 Items To Pimp Your Desk

09 January 2013, 12.47 | Posted in Editor Picks, Gadgets | 1 comment »

Buyers Guide cover 1 Buyers Guide: 5 Items To Pimp Your Desk It’s that time of year again…Christmas is over and we all had to find the hard way back to our desks. In addition to bad air conditioning that causes dry skin, the constant appetite for chocolate and continuous darkness outside, the amount of work after the holidays seems to be endless . With our selection of 5 shrewd office items, be sure that your desk will stand out and transfer some good spirit to your colleagues.

See all ideas  to pimp your desk on the next page.

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Buyer’s Guide: Make Your Boyfriend Happy For Christmas

27 November 2012, 18.45 | Posted in Gadgets, giveaway | 2 comments »

HS Buyers Guide Buyers Guide: Make Your Boyfriend Happy For Christmas

Christmas is only about one month away and the time to get all Christmas gifts together is getting short. And seriously, finding a Christmas present for the boyfriend is always one of the biggest challenges. At least that’s what I always thought! Checking out some mens blogzines can help a lot. Make him happy is much easier than expected! Take a detailed look at our selection of Christmas gifts that will make your boyfriend happy.

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Manish Arora Spring 2013 Ipad Cases

02 November 2012, 14.32 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Gadgets | 4 comments »

Highsnobette-Manish Arora-Ipad- Spring 2013

A longtime favorite of mine, the legendary  Manish Arora put his designer stamp on the ever necessary Ipad case. Ornate and intricate just like his apparel creations these cases are meant to be seen.  See more beauties on the next page. Images courtesy of Manish Arora.

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Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Sweatshirt

17 August 2012, 15.25 | Posted in Gadgets, celebrity | 1 comment »

Lady Gaga Sweater Lady Gaga Born This Way Sweatshirt
For her “Born This Way Ball” tour across Europe, Lady Gaga has created a collection of items that will be sold exclusively at concerts. In a savvy marketing move, one of each item also will be available in limited quantities for purchase on her online store. The above sweatshirt, featuring the “Born This Way” album cover is the featured item. And for those who miss the chance of getting this item, there is always the opportunity for tomorrow’s item. Stay tuned!

On the next page see the Yazbukey ring featuring a bandana-clad Gaga that was offered on day one and the “Free As My Hair” lunchbox from day two.

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Video: The Making Of Molami Headphones

09 March 2012, 03.56 | Posted in Accessories, Gadgets | 1 comment »

Featuring DJ Sanna La Fleur, enjoy a look at designer headphone brand Molami’s short film.

The Boom Case: Vintage Suitcase Boom Boxes

06 October 2011, 20.23 | Posted in Gadgets, Style | 4 comments »

stealth-boom case2

I always wondered about the times in New York I see in movies when the sight of a subway passenger walking aound  with a boom box on his shoulder was common. A part of me wishes commuting was done to a cool beat. Imagine Sade  or some slick Jobim playing  on the A train during rush hour? Anyway,  I say all this to bring your attention to these awesome suitcases re- purposed into something called a “Boom Case.” It was hard to pick a favorite, but the black “Stealthy Business” (above) is just too boss to ignore. Plus you can have the cases customized with an iPod slot(!) Take a look at some faves on the flip, all available here,  spotten at Twbe (gracias).

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Introducing:Molami Luxury Headphones

03 October 2011, 19.42 | Posted in Fashion, Gadgets | 1 comment »

molami product bight whitesilverStingray3 540x486 Introducing:Molami Luxury Headphones

Navigating  day to  day travel  in the urban landscape to the sound of a beat , makes it all the more pleasurable. Molami, a newly launched brand of luxury headphones  adds style and luxury to  our audio world with leather, metallic accents, and stingray. Definitely Highsnobette approved.On the next page a closer look.

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BRD Redshift Electric Motorcycles

04 August 2011, 19.47 | Posted in Gadgets | No comments »

RedShift motocrosser 3 537x328 BRD Redshift Electric Motorcycles

While the thought of owning an electric bike has never really crossed our minds, the newly released  BRD motorcycles are so hot we could not  ignore . The RedShift MX motocrosserand the RedShift SM supermoto have a hefty price tag but are equipped with various features like an intense 40 HP engine More images on the flip, and more info via inhabitat.

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