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Design Miami: Fendi x Maarten de Ceulaer Pequin Bag Inspired Furniture

17 December 2012, 15.09 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Furniture | No comments »

Fendi Maarten 1 Design Miami: Fendi x Maarten de Ceulaer Pequin Bag Inspired Furniture

Belgian designer Maarten de Ceulaer has joined forced with Fendi on a collection of furniture speaking to the Italian brand’s iconic striped motif. The result were a number of furnishings with multi-colored leather planks, wrapped around objects such as benches and tree stumps. The decoration items were exhibited during Design Miami.

Fendi creative director for accessories Silvia Fendi explains:

“These are definitely more functional works than former collaborations. We were lying on his floor bed thinking about how to develop a bag that transforms into seating.”

See more images on the flip.

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12-Foot-Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

26 January 2012, 15.57 | Posted in Design, Furniture | 2 comments »

BrownstoneBackyardView 359x540 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

When I first moved to NYC and was squished in with multiple roommates, I actually had repeated dreams about finding hidden doors leading to big empty rooms. Something tells me this is not a unique city dream theme. And since we showed the very posh Brooklyn homes being sold by Jenna Lyons and Agyness Deyn, it stands to reason some of our readers might have fun checking out this more size-challenged 12-foot wide Brooklyn brownstone. More in keeping with the average person’s reality but still manages to be just as dreamy as the celebs’ spots.

According to architect Tim Rasic who purchased it in 2005

“It was a full-on interior and exterior renovation. “There had been only two owners before us, each of whom had the house for about fifty years. And they hadn’t done any work in the last fifty.”

Brownstoner has more details on design choices, like choosing not to put cabinets on the walls in the kitchen to make the room seem wider. Interesting how seemingly every choice made is so influenced by the desire to make the space seem larger. Wonder if sometimes they didn’t want to rebel and do something big.

See interior shots on the next page.

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Anne Lorenz ‘Home Traveller’ Bag

21 January 2011, 16.12 | Posted in Accessories, Furniture, bags | 1 comment »

trav01 540x469 Anne Lorenz Home Traveller Bag

For a piece  of furniture  you can carry around, Anne Lorenz created the “Home Traveller,”a big bag that doubles as storage. While I wonder how feasible it is to carry it around,  it’s definitely a conversation piece. More views on the flip via Designboom.

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Maximo Riera ‘Octopus’ Chair

13 January 2011, 19.28 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Furniture | 3 comments »

octopus chair

Usually the thought of an octopus would be a little  terrifying, however, this chair by Maximo Riera has a style quality that we find irresistible. Small  studio apartments please abstain, this baby needs room to shine. More views on the next page. See the the  design process at Designboom.

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Tim Delger ‘Road Sign’ Furniture

27 December 2010, 15.35 | Posted in Art, Design, Furniture | 1 comment »

f4 Tim Delger Road Sign Furniture

There is a kitschy side to using public signs  for anything else but their purpose that takes me back to the late 80’s for example ,  when  there was sense of rebellion in pop culture. ‘No Entry’ signs were made for the  always angry teen’s rooms( mine was by Garfield puchased at a Hallmark) ,  Fresh Prince sang ‘Paren’t just don’t  understand’  and the funny thing is that nowadays parents seem to understand   so well or teens are  so over them , that youth rebellion has almost vanished from pop culture.  I do not know how the cool Tim Delger pieces made me attempt a discourse on  youth culture? The furniture just speaks to me I guess. More on the next page.

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Attila Design ‘Lily’ Treebark Bag

22 December 2010, 18.07 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Fashion, Furniture, bags | 3 comments »

AttilaDesignBag1 Attila Design Lily Treebark Bag

Tiina Anttila, the “deep in the forrest” Finish designer behind the Etsy store Attila Design is a bit of Renaissance woman. She handmade this gorgeous leather bag, designed to look like tree bark, featuring “recycled elm handles from the Central Park by the sea side in Helsinki,” and on the next page, you’ll find not just exquisite dresses and accessories, but also an “Under The Apple Tree” bed canopy, a “Full Moon” chair and a “Scandinavian Deer” wall sculpture. And btw, she also does some set design and backdrop painting, too!

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Bedside Gun Lamp

22 June 2009, 13.08 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Design, Furniture | No comments »

gunlamp Bedside Gun Lamp

Designed in 2005  by Phillipe Starck the Bedside Gun lamp is now available at Moss.18 kt gold plated aluminium, a definite conversation piece.

Cacharel x Liberty Print Spring 2009

28 April 2009, 18.22 | Posted in Design, Designer Collaboration, Furniture | No comments »

cacharel 540x353  Cacharel x Liberty  Print  Spring 2009

To celebrate the 50th anniverssary of Cacharel, created by Jean Bousquet. in 1958. The fashion house  re-issues  a capsule collection  created in collaboration with Liberty of London.  Available at Aloha Rag this wednesday. A few looks from Cacharel x Liberty Spring ‘09 on the next page.

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BILLYKIRK Overnight travel bag

17 November 2008, 18.42 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Furniture | No comments »

166A FRONT1 BILLYKIRK Overnight travel bag

My parents always believed that one should dress up when travelling.To them it’s a form of respect for the country you are entering and really just  about a certain etiquette.The concept of course stayed with me to the point where I could never wear sweats on a plane .As a result, I am always seeking sleek luggage options that don’t look like gym bags, don’t scream "I belong to a girl", can whithstand ,the elements,and can work with any outfit.

I came across the Overnight bag by BillyKirk and I was like yes! Sleek vintage looking, with metal studs at the bottom something that really matters for the durability of a bag.No zippers to fiddle with.And the color palette is mostly dark which I also love.More Views on the next page

More info www.billykirk.com

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Cause You Might Not Be Able To Afford Furniture!

30 September 2008, 19.12 | Posted in Art, Design, Furniture | No comments »

card table Cause You Might Not Be Able To Afford Furniture!

The way things are going here stateside, makes Tim Brown’s design idea of cardboard furniture something we might have to think about…

More pieces on the next page

via Yanko
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