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Karmaloop Flagship Re-Opens for business

16 June 2008, 23.04 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

store1 1  Karmaloop  Flagship Re Opens for business

Going against the trend of making Streetwear Stores very minimal Karmaloop has re-opened their Flagship in Boston…

store3 2  Karmaloop  Flagship Re Opens for business

They decided to go lush with wall coverings ,leathers moldings,and dark wood the store will feature your faves available online as well as a great selection of mags that can be hard to find in the Beantown..

store2 Karmaloop  Flagship Re Opens for business

 Happy Shopping


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Awareness and Consciousness…..The jumpsuit

16 June 2008, 18.15 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

awareness   consciousness Awareness and Consciousness.....The jumpsuit

I’m really getting into the idea of a jumpsuit lately the ease of one piece can make a big difference when it’s 90 degrees and you have to walk around…This one by Awareness and Conciousness Is Fab!!!  it  can be considered Avant-Garde  and might be too Mc Hammer- like for some of you…Also  IF You dare rock it ,you might end up on someone’s worst dressed list … I would throw on some hi-tops and a gold chain with it…Really fashion seems to get more and more Uniform…Not fun at all..the more individual you are the more you get slammed…. Everything has to be so safe and so cute…But then again at HighSnobette we don’t really worry about what  the rest of the Blogosphere thinks…



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Smeilinener The Hottest Summer pants!!!

16 June 2008, 14.46 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

flower pants front Smeilinener The Hottest Summer pants!!!

No matter how unflattering they say white pants are ..I don’t agree I found that  with the right fit and proportions White pantscan  work.. these pants would be amazing for a night out… or daytime cuteness… all you really need is a tank.. Smeilinener The Hottest Summer pants!!!

The endless succession of little A-line dresses with heels I’ve been seeing in NYC  just bores me…I took this picture waiting to get into a club a couple a weeeks ago..B-O-R-I-N-G  and they all have black footwear on..where is the Individuality???

flower pants back Smeilinener The Hottest Summer pants!!!

Smeilinener, a Colorful Label based in Berlin Has a great assortment of great colorful clothes that make  an  black and gray wearer like me want to embrace prints…Take a chance think outside the Box!!!



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Reebok Freestyle Music series

14 June 2008, 18.24 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

freestyle punk green Reebok Freestyle Music series

As soon As I saw this freestyle I was taken,Idunno if it was affinity for camo or adorned footwear, I just tought they were Hottt, Lately tough alot of brands seem, to be taking the freedom to bite off this style after Flo Rida"s Lyric:"Reebok with  da straps" They might have realised the street cred  and the nostalgia associated with the freestyle nevertheless , Reebok has nothing to worry about because in people’s minds the Freestyle just like the Pumps will always be their Icons…u know…

check out more pics and colors after the jump


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Flashback Friday Video: “Boriqua, Morena, Dominicano, Columbiano…”

13 June 2008, 18.51 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

There are many reasons why “Oye Mi Canto” by N.O.R.E. is being featured today as our Flashback Friday video. First off, just ’cause it’s feeling officially summer here in NYC and what better warm-weather anthem to represent this great city than a video that’s filled beginning to end with beautiful Latina women in bikinis. Which brings us to the second reason. Me and Samia were conversing last week and discovered that we’ve been wanting to, but have struggled to find swimwear that’s worth featuring. So again, two birds with one stone with this video. And last but not least, it guest features Nina Sky, who are on the record as dedicated sneaker-loving chicks!

WelcomeHuntersLA: Three-Day Sale

13 June 2008, 17.53 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

WelcomeHuntersLA is having a three-day sale with a lot (or even all–not sure) of their clothing 25% off. I am not going to lie to you, people, even at a discount, their stuff is not cheap. That being said, they are not playing around with run-of-the-mill stuff either. The selection is very unique and, dare I say, even special. So even if you’re not sitting on fat pockets <—-(for all our O.G. readers!) I’d still rec going over there to have a look-see.

WelcomeHuntersSale WelcomeHuntersLA: Three Day Sale

^^Iben Hoj top

Oh baby, it is indeed that day!

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Seoulful Fashion by FeetManSeoul

13 June 2008, 14.51 | Posted in Art, Fashion | No comments »

I came across a bunch of images on Flickr by a poster called FeetManSeoul whose main theme is Seoul street fashion. The images are great if ya wanna see what’s happening in what I’ve heard is a very hot and poppin’ city these days.

FeetManSeoulGroupShot Seoulful Fashion by FeetManSeoul

SeoulWomen Seoulful Fashion by FeetManSeoul

  1. ^^FeetManSeoul also has a a pretty interesting web site.

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M.I.A. @ MOMA: One More Image

12 June 2008, 19.52 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Music | No comments »

When it comes to fashion, this woman is a total natural:

MIA MOMA M.I.A. @ MOMA: One More Image

^^Look how shimmery and floaty! I’m thinking this was either her pre- or post concert dress.

Via: Style.com
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Urban Panties: Slutty Yet Still Cute!

12 June 2008, 18.59 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

From the front, these Urban Outfitter panties are cute and sassy, but from the back they’re totally slutty, which, if you ask me, is one of the most potent, between-the-sheets (or on the floor) persona combos know to mankind. Kingdoms have fallen over women who have high expertise in working this part of their sexy.

UrbanPanties Urban Panties: Slutty Yet Still Cute!

But lemme just advise, hun, use this sort of get-down arsenal sparingly. Timing is everying. You can spring these on your mate once, maybe two times max. After that, they need to be retired. And listen when I tell you not to give in to wearing ‘em "just one last time." No matter how many times he begs, the answer is no!

Hat tip PopGloss


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Paper Tiger Flower Power Dress @ Pixie Market

12 June 2008, 12.43 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

For those of you who are super committed to this spring’s flower print trend, you’ll get your fill and then some with this Paper Tiger tunic being offered at Pixie Market:

PixieFlowerTunicA Paper Tiger Flower Power Dress @ Pixie Market

Besides this dress, Pixie Market is good in general if you’re on the hunt for tops and dresses that stand out from the pack.

Morning people!

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