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Delirius..:Hot NYC Brand Alert!!!!

09 July 2008, 17.14 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Delirius..:Hot  NYC  Brand Alert!!!!

Delirius, a label by Iyra and Katya ,  Ny based designers provides what I would call effortless style, the line is sleek,sexy and would make any accessories obsessed  HighSnobette  want to go without any..Which ,to me is the true testament of great apparel is that it needs  nothing to convey the style of it’s wearer..No Wonder the line is based on the concept of Comfort & Individuality!.Delirius  definitely sets you apart with subtlety ..and of course I like that…

check out more looks after the jump



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Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

09 July 2008, 02.09 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music, Sneakers | 1 comment »

I know I’m kind of doing a recent repeat (that’s a hint, people), but I couldn’t help it. This image was perfect for this feature. And I feel like we have such nice readers they deserve to start their mornings looking at something that’s nothing more or less than delicioso. ‘Sides, our girl’s sneaker game is tight so it’s a borderline mandatory situation.

GTCRJog3 Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

^^Pink shorts and….

GTCRNKE Guess the Celebrity Rack (and Tummy)!!

^^….matching pink Nikes!

See who Ms. Bootilicious is on the flip…
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M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

09 July 2008, 01.48 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Denim, Fashion | No comments »

Our big brother, HighSnobiety, caught a glimpse of Married to the Mob and Bread & Butter. We’re hearing various and sundry big things are poppin at MTTM, but at this point it’s all the usual unconfirmed gossip. In the meantime, here’s something very real product, including that long-awaited denim line!!

mob preview bbb 4 M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

^^I wanna see more!!
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HighSnobettiest Item of the Day: Dior Brings the Sickness!!

08 July 2008, 14.04 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

It’s been a minute since I’ve been inspired to stamp something "HighSnobettiest," but you gotta admit these are pretty amazing. Fashion lovers know that the trend these days is to create eye-popping shoes that are the centerpiece of the outfit , but not every big-name designer has been able to pull it off. With his Resort 2009 collection, Christian Dior throws his hat into the ring and hits a bullseye.

DiorHeelsPurple HighSnobettiest Item of the Day: Dior Brings the Sickness!!

Images from Style.com

Two more on the other side…..
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Matthew Williamson NYC Store coming soon!!

08 July 2008, 13.36 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 6 Matthew Williamson  NYC Store coming soon!!27 Matthew Williamson  NYC Store coming soon!!21 Matthew Williamson  NYC Store coming soon!!

Matthew Williamson,whose line I like Alot is set to open a flagship in NyC ,next year…designer shopping takes on a new level,with most designers taking control of their image by opening their own stores.

Source WWD


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RihRih: Ready for her Close-up!

08 July 2008, 13.19 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Other | No comments »

At a recent Essence magazine event, RihRih had a camera basically shoved up her nose while she performed. And maybe it’s an amazing makeup job, but I doubt it. The girl’s skin is pretty much flawless.

RhiRhiCloseUp3 RihRih: Ready for her Close up!

^^RihRih’s favorite look: Punk via 80s Madonna (Chris Brown also performed, but sorry folks, I didn’t see any matching accessories between the two of them.)

After the flip, there’s another close-up plus a new, Beyonce-inspired dance move.

All images Wire.com
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Converse Fall 08 preview

07 July 2008, 17.31 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers | 1 comment »

Converse X Music   Fall 2008  5 Converse Fall 08 preview

This is the Converse Chuck Taylor all star Low Profile part of the fall preview  ,this illustrates to me the circular trend of high -end labels getting inpiration from street icons like converse who then take inspiration from the now ever popular designer sneaker…No shoe laces…sleek and modern..Still authentic.

courtesy of sneaker freaker



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Presque fini By Paula Immich

07 July 2008, 15.39 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

 Presque fini By Paula Immich

looks like I’m back on my german fashion Addiction….This  jacket,when a stiff blazer just won’t do is just an example of Berlin based Label,Presque Fini by Paula Immich,whose line of apparel  for fall is very eclectic,sharp without being formal…


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Seduce & Destroy S/S 08

07 July 2008, 04.59 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

page1 Seduce & Destroy  S/S 08Seduction & Destruction…what a concept! when the two are put together the combination can be lethal… if women knew the power they really..had…Anyway  I won’t get preachy today..

page9 Seduce & Destroy  S/S 08

 Seduce and destroy a women’s line based  in Boston explores this ability we have, this duality that we as the once called "weaker sex " to use all that we have as assets , and empower ourselves to win…

more images after the jump

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Retro NY Giants Tee @ 80sPurple

04 July 2008, 16.08 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

If you’re still feeling all bandwagony about the Giant’s Superbowl upset (yes, I’m talkint to YOU, Samia), this retro-ized tee is pretty damn sexy. ‘Sides which, he start of the season is just around the corner. Believe it or not.

RetroGiants Retro NY Giants Tee @ 80sPurple

^^You can purchase it at 80sPurple.com

Happy 4th, people!
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