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Renzo Rosso Acquires Majority stake in Viktor & Rolf??

22 July 2008, 05.13 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

viktor and rolf Renzo Rosso Acquires Majority stake in Viktor & Rolf??

Renzo Rosso, the Italian industrialist behind Diesel, has acquired a majority stake in the Dutch designer firm Viktor & Rolf with ambitions to build it into one of the “top reference fashion houses of the future.”

Financial terms were not disclosed, but Rosso told WWD he plans to make major investments to bolster the duo’s ready-to-wear business, add licensed products such as eyewear and jewelry, plus open freestanding stores in high-visibility locations.


pics from V& R fall 08 @ Style.com

..If anything I would have expected V&R to be courted by the Gucci Group,LVMH or even the Prada Group..this is definitely unexpected,I’m curious to see what the outcome will be..

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White Horse couture ..Peace love and happiness…

21 July 2008, 23.40 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

 White Horse couture ..Peace love and happiness...

Whitehorse Couture wants to take us back to a time of love ,innocence and fairy tales.Their fall 08 collection love +peace= happiness  reveals the concept that  "…The happy ending is in all of us if we look hard enough"…Consistent whit every season..


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21 July 2008, 14.37 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »


YAZBUKEY.As if the name was not quirky enough, this accessory line by the sisters Yaz & Amel ,aims to jazz up you wardrobe with bold,playful  accessories that bring life back into any dull ensemble.The sisters concept is to amaze….


If you always wanted to unleash you inner Carrie by rocking  a fun bag ,now is your chance


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Hot Male Model

21 July 2008, 12.40 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

The Ed Hardy/L.A. style aesthetic is totally lost I’m me. Sorry. I’m a New York female and try as I might to keep an open mind, the look baffles me. Still, while Hardy’s looks may leave me cold…..

EdHardy 01 Hot Male Model

^^…with or without the Ed Hardy swimsuit, this dude remains hot.

It’s Monday!

Love, Lois

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Current Elliot is HighSnobette Approved!!!

18 July 2008, 18.08 | Posted in Denim, Fashion | No comments »

 Current Elliot is HighSnobette Approved!!!

In the past I have worked for one of the biggest names in denim which had for effect to make me somewhat of a denim geek, from cut and stiching  to durability and style ,It takes alot to Impress me..We won’t even talk about fit!Needless to say it takes alot more then a celebrity following to make a denim brand stand out…

Current Elliot ,designed by Emily Current and Meritt Elliot,gets kudos because they created  a line of denim  that is not necessarily "trendy" but reflects the classic inspiration of  what a pair of jeans should be. …The favorite,most comfortable thing to put on that  is  timeless and sexy…


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Complex Geometries @ OAK NYC

18 July 2008, 14.25 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

geo1 Complex Geometries @ OAK NYC

I featured Complexgeometries ,about a year ago… not only because  they hail from Canada like yours truly but mostly because they express that  off the radar,modern/avant-garde aesthetic that I love so much

Now available at OAK!!



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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A HighSnobette Exclusive: OLORI s/s 09 Preview !!!!

18 July 2008, 12.57 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 A HighSnobette Exclusive: OLORI s/s 09 Preview   !!!!

After Duro Olowu wooed the world with his fantastic colorful and feminine  designs, the fashion world has been waiting for another sensation originating from Africa to take the Fashion world by storm…

 A HighSnobette Exclusive: OLORI s/s 09 Preview   !!!!His name Is Adeleke Sijuwade,a former model from Nigeria… yesterday HighSnobette got to preview his spring 2009 collection of womens wear called OLORI,at Pieces.

OLORI,Princess in Yoruba was born as Adeleke puts it" out of a series of unfortunate incidents" that made him realise that he was meant to dress women" He has been designing a men’s a men’s line for a couple of years now ,but his dresses,handmade in Nigeria keep on selling out  .

"the OLORI woman is you,her and every woman out there ,I am not consumed by a particular shape or type of  woman or a target market  a silhouette….I was inspired by Romance,Life,the beautiful colors of the Caribean and Africa.

Talking to Adeleke and his beautiful sister Ronke,you get the sense that creativity not only runs in the family,but that talent is something you either have  you don’t..Adeleke is entirely self taught..

More Images on the next page….


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RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories–Natch!)

17 July 2008, 17.44 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

Rihanna performed in Italy this past week and the photogs snapped some shots of her out and about, hitting the stores with her crew. This is no casual day out shopping. Yes, the dress is cute and summery, but check out her perfectly coiffed hair, the tons of accessories (LOVE the necklace), the bangin’ bag, but most of all the wicked shoes, which, okay, they look great, but are clearly designed for flossin’ as opposed to any serious fashion hunting and gathering mission.

RihRihMilan RihRih in a Yellow Dress (with lots of Accessories  Natch!)

^^Why is it that the regular folk who hang with celebs always look snarlier than the talent? Relax, hun, it aint YOU they’re trying to snap.

More images from the same photo op at UltimateRihanna

A couple of closer shots after the flip…
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Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

17 July 2008, 15.14 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

This Muxo by Camila Alves tote does not by any means scream DESIGNER, but so trust and believe that when you walk in a room with this on your shoulder, heads will be turning.

ShopBobMuxo Muxo by Camila Alves Tote: Total Show Stopper!

^^Available at ShopBop along with several other bags by Muxo

Shot of detail after the flip…
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Converse by Varvatos Black Crochet Dress

17 July 2008, 14.00 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Lately the fashion world has not been feeling the color black. At all. But here in New York anyway, the darkest color of them all will return with the chilly, autumn breezes just as sure as the leaves will fall from the trees.

VarvatosCrochetDress Converse by Varvatos Black Crochet Dress

^^And when that happens, this Varvatos for Converse black, crocheted dress will be waiting.
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