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CFDA Red Carpet With Lady Gaga + More

07 June 2011, 14.43 | Posted in Designer news, Red Carpet, celebrity | No comments »

CFDALadyGaga2 359x540 CFDA Red Carpet With Lady Gaga + More

As promised here are the arrivals for the CDFA awards, held at Lincoln Center in New York, last night. Here is Lady Gaga, wearing Thierry Mugler, natch. She was there to receive a well-deserved Fashion Icon Award.

On the next page, many more including everyone from Diane Von Furstenberg to Sofia Coppola and Olivier Theyskens.

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Urban Outfitter Fights Back Against Thievery Charges

29 May 2011, 13.07 | Posted in Designer news | No comments »

IHeartDestination 540x304 Urban Outfitter Fights Back Against Thievery Charges

This is interesting, Urban Outfitters has issued a statement responding to the much-covered charges that it stole a design idea (see one example above–it’s a state featuring a heart cut out) from jewellery designer Stephanie Koerner. Here is an excerpt:

In her recent blog post and on Twitter Koerner claims that Urban Outfitters stole her designs or was inspired in some way by the items in her Etsy shop for our I Heart Destination necklaces. In fact, a quick search on Etsy for ‘state necklace’ reveals several other sellers with similar products (as seen here on Regretsy) who offered their wares as much as a year earlier than Ms. Koerner. We are not implying that Koerner stole her necklace idea from one of these other designers, we are simply stating the obvious—that the idea is not unique to Koerner and she can in no way claim to be its originator. Normally we would not respond publicly to Koerner’s allegations, but we believe the media response to her campaign is threatening to impact the dozens of independent designers we work with on a daily basis.

I could see where UO would want to make a statement. Certain stories spread like flash floods on the fashion blogs and this was definitely one of them, which eventually became a trending topic on Twitter. You see the story picked up on one blog and then suddenly it’s everywhere, and given the nature of blog reporting (a skeletal staff and an insane pace) very little is done to fact check to see if the story is actually true.

I don’t believe this UO statement puts an end to the story that it would steal from an independent–actually I believe in the past it has, which is why this story had legs, but I personally know four independent designers who have sold to UO and I specifically asked each one if they every experienced UO ripping off their designs during or after their relationship with the company ended. They all said UO looks for margins that are almost painful but overall their experience with the company was a good one. So while UO may not be perfect, my belief is that it’s also not as evil as it’s currently being represented on blogs.

Drita & Leah: Mob Wife, Mob Label

26 May 2011, 20.01 | Posted in Designer news, celebrity | 1 comment »


Yes, there’s a million things different, starting with one has a husband who calls prison home, but how many of you have watched the new reality series Mob Wives and felt like Drita D’Avanzo (above left) is designer Leah McSweeney (above right) of Married to the Mob fame in some alternate universe? Not to mention they’re both married to the mob!

Christian Louboutin Opines On Galliano

23 May 2011, 22.49 | Posted in Designer news, boots | No comments »


Christian Louboutin Aioli Spike Booty

While Christian Louboutin was in Dublin promoting his recently opened store, Graziafashion caught up with him and conducted a quick yet thorough interview, hitting on everything from who he chooses to collaborate with to his thoughts on John Galliano’s firing. Here’s what he has to say on Galliano:

I feel sad for him, it must be very hard for John because your name is your identity. When your label is your own name you defend it as a brand but also as yourself. It’s part of who you are and, physically, you are very involved-the two cannot be separated. Being sacked from a (design) house where you’ve been working for a long time is hard but having your name taken away is like ripping off the Band Aid. I would hate to lose my identity like that.

That seems like the sensible reponse–show sympathy without attempting to speculate why Galliano did or said what he did. Find more here.

The above “Ailoi Spike” bootie is part of Louboutin’s Autumn collection. It delivers mid-June and is available for presale, though alas, it’s already sold out.

Alexander McQueen Exhibit At the Metropolitan Museum

03 May 2011, 16.31 | Posted in Art, Designer news | 1 comment »

AW4 360x540 Alexander McQueen Exhibit At the Metropolitan Museum

We’ve showed the red carpet for the party that opened Alexander McQueen’s ”Savage Beauty” retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and in this post we give a look at the exhibit itself. In general images from museum shows don’t do them justice. My experience is you have to be immersed in the environment to catch the artist’s greatness. Still, this is a nice taste for those whom a trip to New York is out of the question.

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Kate Middleton Chooses McQueen To Design Gown

29 April 2011, 12.53 | Posted in Designer news, celebrity | No comments »

McQueenKateMiddleton Kate Middleton Chooses McQueen To Design Gown

Kate Middleton, who married Prince William today, chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her dress. Supposedly there was a huge amount of interest in this event and buzz around the designer she would choose, but personally I can’t think of a single converstation in which this topic came up.

Video: Karl Lagerfeld Magnum Ice Cream Commercial

22 April 2011, 16.51 | Posted in Designer news, advertisement, celebrity | No comments »

We mentioned that Karl Lagerfeld showed the Magnum Ice Cream commercial he dircted at the Tribeca Film festival and here it is in full. It features Rachel Bilson and Baptiste Giabiconi and like most of Lagerfeld’s film-related efforts comes across as a fashion parody a la Zoolander. Which is really quite amazing given his talent as it applies to so many other platforms. Really, it’s akin to Madonna, who as much as she accomplished as a singer and dancer, fell completely flat every time she stepped before the camera and attempted to act. The truth is though, not every creative outlet is for everyone.

Galliano Booted From His Own Label

15 April 2011, 13.10 | Posted in Business, Designer news | 1 comment »

JohGallianoSpring2011 Galliano Booted From His Own Label

Despite having the empathy of most of his peers in the design community, things keep getting worse for disgraced designer John Galliano, who has been fired from his job as head of the John Galliano label, 91 percent of which is owned by Christain Dior.

According to a WWD article, there are some companies who have expressed interest in purchasing the label, including some of its licensing partners. However, it is looking like at the moment no effort has been made to put the John Galliano label on the block and supposedly the in-house design team continues to produce and a pre-Spring collection is in the works, which, how weird will that be sans Galliano? And given that he was fired basically for being the poster child for anti-Semitism is there any hope of rehabilitating a label named after him?

The image above was taken at the Spring 2011 runway show for John Galliano. By the time of his Autumn 2011 show in early March, the axe had fallen and Galliano was absent from a salon presentation of what would be his final collection for the label. Via Style.

Alexander Wang’s Loft Interior

13 April 2011, 13.10 | Posted in Designer news, Magazines | No comments »

AlexWangApt Alexander Wangs Loft Interior

Alexander Wang’s TriBeCa (a Downtown Manhattan neighborhood) loft is revealed in W magazine’s May issue. In a cute twist, the writer, Holly Brubach, who sold Wang the apartment is the one who authors the story, and indeed, the story opens with a line taken from Wang’s email to  Brubach, confirming their appointment:  “I guess you have the address.” More images at Knightcat.

In a separate story, Wang gives a tour of his new Manhattan boutique in a video on the next page.

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Alexander Wang Profiled By Barneys

07 April 2011, 11.45 | Posted in Designer news, Retail | No comments »

AlexanderWangTheBigBang Alexander Wang Profiled By Barneys

Alexander Wang is profiled and interviewed in Barney’s weekly “Big Bang” column, which is dedicated to the early days of designers the department store is fond of. In Wang’s case, the relationship is special because they were the first big retailer to recognize his talent and provide him with a springboard. Here’s Wang’s response to one of the questions–as is often the case, an unwillingness to be deterred was part of the DNA for his label’s eventual success:

Barneys:  So, who was the first to pick up those wares in the suitcase?

Wang: In the beginning, we tried calling every showroom to represent us, nobody would return our calls or give us even a meeting.  So, we took the collection ourselves to the tradeshow and signed Barneys on the first day.

And on another note, how about the fabulous black and white shot of Wang used to accompany the article?? We’ve always thought he was a looker, but wow, he’s almost alien-beautiful in this image!