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Venice Art Bienniale 2011:Angel Soldier By Lee Yonbaek

10 June 2011, 13.02 | Posted in Art, Design | No comments »

For the venice art bienniale 2011, the korean pavilion is presenting 14 multimedia works by artist lee yongbaek in an exhibition titled, ‘the love is gone but the scar will heal.’ with works in video, photography, sculpture and painting, the show explores identity and existentialism amid the artifice of contemporary society.

‘angel soldier’ is a video performance in what appears to be a floral landscape, set to the calm sounds of nature.
at first sight, it seems to be a still image, but upon closer inspection, the heavily florid picture separates before the eyes as an optical illusion, revealing three-dimensional flowers in the foreground and, behind, a soldier slowly creeping along, masked in the print’s camouflage.

On the next page stills of the art piece via designboom.Of course the sartorial element of this piece has our heart as well.

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Hussein Chalayan Airborne Fragrance

09 June 2011, 13.43 | Posted in Design, perfume | No comments »

CHALAYANAIRBORNE1a 540x360 Hussein Chalayan Airborne Fragrance

Launching at Dover Street Market on July 21st, the  fragrance  by  Hussein Chalayan  produced by Comme des Garçons  is titled “Airbone,” a nod to Chalayan’s effect-filled  Autumn 2007 runway. Definitelya launch we’re  excited about.

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Louis Vuitton x Billie Achilleos Leather Animals

08 June 2011, 15.06 | Posted in Art, Design, Fashion, bags | 2 comments »


 To Celebrate the launch of their ‘Mon  Monogram’ service for small leather accessories, Louis Vuitton collaborates with artist Billie Achilleos via Chameleon Visual on a collection of animal  representations made of louis Vuitton Leather accessories.

 Each animal highlights an element in the design of the products. The Armadillo was to highlight the soft yet durable quality of the leather. The Chameleon displays the variety of colour. The Grasshopper is constructed from products with zips and poppers that make satisfying noises like that of the musically gifted insect. And finally my favorite, the Beaver, who’s functionality chops wood, builds dams…and provides cleaver ways of organising ones life in men’s bags and wallets

 The video above highlights the process while you can see pictures of the animals up close on the flip courtesy of Billie Achilleos. Love to see women in the arts getting their shine!

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Daphne Guinness ‘Undressed’ Film

06 June 2011, 15.41 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Film | No comments »


Daphne Guinness: Undressed on Nowness.com.

Documentary filmmaker Brennan Stasiewicz infiltrates the cosseted world of Daphne Guinness in Daphne’s Window. Featuring intimate footage of the icon at her Fifth Avenue apartment, the short follows the eccentric fashion patron and socialite as she prepares for her recent installation in the windows of Barneys New York. The storefront showcased her collection of pieces by designer Lee Alexander McQueen and a selection from the archive of fashion editor Isabella Blow, which Guinness purchased in its entirety last year. The display culminated in a performance art piece in which Guinness dressed for the Met ball in one of the flagship’s windows, modeling a lilac feathered gown designed by McQueen’s Sarah Burton. “She appears to me as someone always in a window,” says Stasiewicz. “Someone you can approach and see, but you remain on the other side.” This year brings a multitude of projects for the heiress: her sculptural armored glove collaboration with jeweler Shaun Leane (pictured in today’s film) will be exhibited by Jay Jopling in a private viewing in London later this month; and in September a retrospective at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology will pay homage to her style. “Daphne is someone to take pleasure in, and in many ways, someone who incites moments of wonder,” says Stasiewicz.

Via Nowness, Enjoy!

Lemonbow Downloadable Swimwear

02 June 2011, 11.52 | Posted in Design, Designer Collaboration, Fashion | No comments »


While customization has become a sought after feature in fashion,  custom swimwear not just in color selection but also in fit is practically non-existent. Partnering with Medialab Waag Society, designers  Ellis Droog and Romy van den Broek created Lemonbow Swimwear, a line of bathing suits customized to the wearers body using no thread or needle:

A computer controlled laser makes it possible to fabricate on-demand swimwear with a near perfect fit. By measuring and entering points on the body the system will automatically convert the points into the right measurements which can then be sent to the laser cutter.

Via Mocoloco take a look at more styles on the flip.

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Erevos Aether ‘Gaping Void’ Autumn/Winter 2011

02 June 2011, 11.21 | Posted in Design, Fashion, New Designer | No comments »

Newcomer Erevos Aether launched itspremier collection with a statement video showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Inspired by Baudelaire’s “Les fleurs du Mal,” the looks are futuristic and statement making in every way. On the next page a look at the “Gaping Void” collection.Via Abfhya.

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Tufi Duek Autumn/Winter 2011 Runway

30 May 2011, 17.29 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

Enjoy a look at the very classy Tufi Duek for Autumn/Winter 2011 runway .

‘Forms’ By Anastasiya Komarova

25 May 2011, 12.05 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | 1 comment »

forms9 540x404 Forms By Anastasiya Komarova

As an exploration into architecture shapes and textures, we ‘re smitten with Anastasya Komarova’s “Forms” leather accessories. A stunning  illustration of where art and fashion make beautiful music together. View more of our favorites on the next page, spotted at the amazing Stylepantry.

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Vandeyk ‘Nightstream’ Bicycle By Harry Seifert

19 May 2011, 17.53 | Posted in Design, Womens Bicycles | No comments »

nightstream bicycle harry seifert thumb 525xauto 27122 Vandeyk Nightstream Bicycle By Harry Seifert

Ever seen a fierce bicycle? Here’s one designed by Harry Seifert for Vandeyk. This is the one you ride with the outfit to match , and neon kicks of course. View in details on the flip via Mocoloco.

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Wwa Tie-Dye Top With Draped Shawl

13 May 2011, 21.46 | Posted in Design, Fashion | 3 comments »

wwa0020e 540x405 Wwa Tie Dye Top With Draped Shawl

Gotta love clothes with a little drama.The cape top by Wwa is of course the perfect thing to rock pretty much any time you wish.  If you can get away with we highly recommend for casual Friday. Available at Oliveshoppe.

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