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Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peak

25 August 2008, 14.55 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

cheap monday 2 Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peakcheap monday Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peakcheap monday3 Cheap Monday s/s 09 Sneak Peak

The Swedes take their fashion seriously, I don’t know what ’s in the water but according to Sportswear Intl,   the new prototype for the direction of men’s fashion is the hip swedish guy,(hooray!) the ladies do not dissapoint either,but we have been on to their style for a while.

One of the coolest new swedish brands as been of Course Cheap Monday ,(recently bought by H&M)who has my denim  brand loyal self, add them to my roster, The denim is sturdy, well cut and friendly to a little more junk, the women there have curves ,check the next page for a look at what they cooked up for S/S 09.

Courtesty Of Stockholm Fashion Week
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Represent with Brooklyn Royalty!

22 August 2008, 15.26 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Represent with Brooklyn Royalty!

Designed by Bob Bland, Brooklyn Royalty reflects the fierce independent spirit associated with New York’s most flava-full  borough, Brooklyn! Yep I said it…

The star of her debut collection has to be the Metallic Jean (above)made in the US and perfectly washable,A great great standout from the traditional bright colored or dark denim

Full picture on the next page…

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Giles deacon for Lee cooper

20 August 2008, 18.05 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

lee cooper Giles deacon for Lee cooper

A few weeks ago we featured a collection created to celebrate Lee Cooper’s 100 year anniversary,one of the pieces is  the Giles Deacon dress whose picture we finally have..

 check after the jump to see the finished product

* Jane Birkin lee cooper ad 1978-
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MTTM Fall/Winter 08 fINALLY!!!!

15 August 2008, 17.09 | Posted in Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

mobcover2 MTTM Fall/Winter 08 fINALLY!!!!

Married to The Mob Launches their Fall 2008 collection which continues the evolution of the female streetwear Label as an all around lifestyle brand, with a distinctive fearless ,bold and sexy  female  aesthetic that  is really irresistible, does not hurt that the head lady Is a bombshell herself..

check out the line after the jump
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Lee Cooper is 100… Playboy bunny suit ,Stilettoes and more…

01 August 2008, 15.33 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Denim, Design, Fashion | No comments »

Leestilettoes Lee Cooper is 100... Playboy bunny suit ,Stilettoes and more...

* Lee Cooper X Adriana Karembeu Stilletoes Fierce!

To celebrate its centennial anniversary, Lee Cooper came up with a fantastic, dream project, the Project 100. 

It was the occasion for the British brand to collaborate with some of the world’s most respected designers, celebrities, sporting heroes and iconic brands including Giles Deacon, Jade Jagger, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Alain Mikli, Ora Ito, Linford Christie, Jean Claude Jitrois and Paco Rabane. Lee Cooper Project 100 gave birth to 100 eclectic and exclusive pieces that will be auctioned  this autumn in Paris, the money being raised for the Red Cross

Check out More items after the jump


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Current Elliot is HighSnobette Approved!!!

18 July 2008, 18.08 | Posted in Denim, Fashion | No comments »

 Current Elliot is HighSnobette Approved!!!

In the past I have worked for one of the biggest names in denim which had for effect to make me somewhat of a denim geek, from cut and stiching  to durability and style ,It takes alot to Impress me..We won’t even talk about fit!Needless to say it takes alot more then a celebrity following to make a denim brand stand out…

Current Elliot ,designed by Emily Current and Meritt Elliot,gets kudos because they created  a line of denim  that is not necessarily "trendy" but reflects the classic inspiration of  what a pair of jeans should be. …The favorite,most comfortable thing to put on that  is  timeless and sexy…


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M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

09 July 2008, 01.48 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Denim, Fashion | No comments »

Our big brother, HighSnobiety, caught a glimpse of Married to the Mob and Bread & Butter. We’re hearing various and sundry big things are poppin at MTTM, but at this point it’s all the usual unconfirmed gossip. In the meantime, here’s something very real product, including that long-awaited denim line!!

mob preview bbb 4 M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

^^I wanna see more!!
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Urban Outfitters: Hi-Rise Denim Shorts that Aren’t Ridiculous

20 May 2008, 18.56 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Urban Outfitters. I don’t want to dwell on what has become of that chain in recent years. Like my Mom always said, "If you don’t have something nice to say…." Instead I’ll focus in on a pair of UO denim shorts that are pretty cool.

UrbanDenimShorts Urban Outfitters: Hi Rise Denim Shorts that Arent Ridiculous

^^Urban Outfitters Lux Cult Classic shorts. The cut is higher, but it’s not that six-button, hi-waisted cut that sits so high on your torso that its skims the bottom of your boobies. These shorts provide a much-needed update, but one that’s chilled enough to rock in a wide variety of settings.
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Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

02 May 2008, 16.36 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Stores | 1 comment »

Heidi Klum is partnering with Jordache to launch a limited edition line of denim, which will be sold at select Bloomingdale stores.

HeidiFace Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

^^Heidi has a beautiful face, of that there is no doubt…..

HeidiShortChanged Heidi Klum X Jordache Jeans X Bloomingdales

^^…..which is why God probably thought it was okay to seriously shortchange her in the department of badonkadunk!

All images Wire

One more image of Heidi’s shoes after the flip

And guess what today’s Flashback Friday video is?? That’s right: “You’ve got the look I want to know better, you’ve got the look that’s all together. Working. Playing. Day or night. Jordache has the fits that riiiiiiiiiight. The Jordache look. The Jordache loooooook!.”
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Rhi-Rhi’s Stylist Throws it Down Again!

31 March 2008, 05.56 | Posted in Denim, Fashion, Other, Shoes | No comments »

Rhi-Rhi showed up with both style guns blazing at the recent Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice awards this past weekend. Give her stylist props. She had the challenge of keeping Rhianna looking appropriately casual while at the same time not letting her fall back into a too-relaxed and teeny-bopper look. (Meahwhile, how bad did I feel for Rhianna’s man, Chris Brown, who somehow got roped into wearing a hideous, bright orange Nickelodeon hoodie and looked miserable doing so. By the end of the night Rhi-Rhi was probably so not feeling him. Like, ummm, I’m feeling sort of tired tonight, baby…do you mind if I just go home? By myself?)

 RTEmagicC RhiRhiBaggies.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^These pants are gonna be controversial ’cause they’re highwaisted AND baggy, but that’s okay. Better she skate along the edge that wear the same old stupid straight legs. Those boring-ass style choices are best left to Auntie Beyonce.

RTEmagicC RhiRhiHeelsSide.jpg Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^I have shoes that I describe as my “three-hour heels,” as in after wearing them for three hours, my feet are DONE. These I’d guess are more like 45-minute heels.

RhiRhiBangles Rhi Rhis Stylist Throws it Down Again!

^^A close up on the punk rock cuffs and a green mani, which, ehh, I don’t like. I feel like with all the cool-ass nail art options she could have done something a little more imaginative.

After the fold, there are a couple more images of Cameron Diaz’s clutch and Ashlee Simpson’s shoes, both of which have something in common.
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