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Givenchy Couture Autumn/Winter 2010

08 July 2010, 19.51 | Posted in Couture, Fashion | 5 comments »

givenchycouture aw2010

Ready to wear is great, but couture, couture is where the magic of fashion in all its grandeur of creativity, design and craftsmanship really lies. Riccardo Tisci proves not only his talent but also his respect of the tradition for the house of Givenchy with a modernist take on  embroidery featuring skeleton shapes and even the inclusion of leather jackets. Stunning! More images on the next page via Style.

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Dior in Shanghai: Cruise 2011

17 May 2010, 17.16 | Posted in Couture, Runway Show | 1 comment »

Dior Cruise2011 Look 41 360x540 Dior in Shanghai: Cruise 2011

Dior presented its oh-so-impecably cruise 2011 collection in Shanghai, everyone’s favorite new locale (oh the lure of China’s burgeoning middle class) this past Saturday. In conjunction with presentation of the cruise line, Dior celebrated the re-opening of the Plaza 66 boutique and also debuted “Lady Blue,” a film written and directed by David Lynch and starring Marion Cotillard. You can see the film in its entirety at LadyDior.

More images of the collection after the flip.

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Chanel Resort 2011

12 May 2010, 14.32 | Posted in Couture, Fashion, Runway Show | 3 comments »

ChanelCruise1 Chanel Resort 2011

Karl works to get some mojo back via the sex channel, calling forth his inner Bridgett Bardot while pushing Princess Kelly to the back of the line.  It’s a fun/jaunty/entirely appropriate collection, but nothing that makes one believe it doesn’t all come back to selling lots of quilted bags.

Images via Wire. Many more after the flip.

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Karl Lagerfeld ‘Remember Now’ Movie Premieres Tonight

11 May 2010, 14.31 | Posted in Couture, Media, advertisement | 1 comment »

Here is a trailer from Karl Lagerfeld’s “Remember Now” short movie, which premiered last night at the Chanel Cruise collection presentation in St. Tropez. This clip features Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Heidi Mount and Karolina Kurkova. Tonight you can see the whole shebang replete with obligatory nude, dancing models at 7:30 CET on Chanel-News.

Chanel X Shanghai Collection Preview

31 March 2010, 00.26 | Posted in Accessories, Couture, bags | 9 comments »

ChanelXShanghai2BD Chanel X Shanghai Collection Preview

A sneak peak of the Chanel X Shanghai collection, which comes via 2BD, whose blog we recommend highly!

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Minx Nails at Chanel??

28 January 2010, 01.59 | Posted in Couture, Fashion | No comments »

Chanel+Minx Minx Nails at Chanel??

We all see different things when we look at runway images. PersonallyI zero in on the shoes and accessories. Michelle at AllLacqueredUp focuses on the nail polish. For Chanel’s recent Spring/Summer 2010 runway show, she spied the nails featured here and wondered if Chanel hadn’t succombed to the lure of Minx polish. Noteworthy, she says because Chanel rarely uses outsider product on its runways.  I’m not enough of an expert to make the call, but I will say the polish perfectly accents the silverly smooth themes that anchored the show.

Images: Vogue U.K.

Golden Globes: The Tyranny of Meanness

21 January 2010, 17.44 | Posted in Couture, Design, Fashion, Women's Issues, celebrity | 1 comment »
 Golden Globes: The Tyranny of Meanness

Celebrities in attendance at the Golden Globes

For a while I’ve thought that celebrity fashion has been downgraded thanks to the red carpet fashion critics who are now a part of pre-award show programming. Joan Rivers led the charge and unfortunately set a tone that is equal parts cutting, conformist and mean-girl put down, which has every actress out there scared to wear anything more daring than a prom dress–circa 1950.  What’s always baffled me is what exactly qualified her to be a fashion critic? She’s an entertainer last I checked and one whose entire m.o. is celebrating hatefulness.  No doubt she possesses a beautiful art collection, but no one believes that makes her qualified to comment on Picasso. Why is fashion any different? Which is why I think it’s pretty cool that New York Time’s Cathryn Horyn and Vogue’s Andre Leon Tally both had their say on the topic this week. Said ALT, “When you start watching red-carpet shows at 6:00 p.m. and don’t see a stunning dress until 9:00 p.m.—Julianna Margulies’s ruby paillette crepe robe de style with cutouts, by Narciso Rodriguez—it’s sad what passes for style in Hollywood.” Amen, Andre.

People aren’t as stupid or as easily bored as Hollywood thinks. In other words, Cathryn and Andre, if you two had a show commenting on celebrity fashion, one that encouraged creativity and even (gasp) avante garde, me and a bunch of my friends would definitely tune in!

Source: New York magazine

Rihanna Blondes X Louboutin Spike Shoes!

09 December 2009, 13.43 | Posted in Couture, Music, celebrity | 5 comments »
Blondes X Christian Louboutin spike shoes

Blondes X Christian Louboutin spike shoes

Think Rihanna has a thing for spikes a little bit?? She wore these literally killer shoes to an event for Vevo, a collaborative effort between Google and Universal Music. According to JustJared, she paired her Lou-Bs with a Alexandre Vautier suit, which you can see on the other side, along with an image of Mimi and RihRih, who seems to bring out the diva’s Momma side.

Images: JustJared, Popsugar and WireImage

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Gucci Sandals: Resort Collection

26 October 2009, 20.18 | Posted in Couture, Shoes | 1 comment »

235132 HTF10 8485 001 zoom Gucci Sandals: Resort Collection

Gucci’s resort collection is now available for purchase. Being an unabashed label-ho myself, I gotta say that not a lot beats out Gucci’s classic green and red band for iconic points.  Add in the zipper detail, which plays so perfectly against the leather strap and silver buckle and you have a shoe that at the end of the day you’d be very reluctant to take off your feet.  (Heh,  not that your significant other would argue given how awfully sexy they’d look resting on a set of satin sheets!)

Karl and Simone Meet!!

08 October 2009, 17.11 | Posted in Couture, Designer Collaboration, Designer Toys, celebrity | 1 comment »

karlsimone Karl and Simone Meet!!

Just heard from Tokidoki designer, Simone Legno, who had just come from his first meeting with Karl Lagerfeld to officially hand-off the mini-Karl vinyl doll.  Here’s what Simone had to say about meeting the legendary one:

I attach a picture of me and Karl Lagerfeld that I will save it for my grandsons one day! He is the best and was very nice and sweet! I was very anxious, but when he said as first thing when he met me, “Finally!…the doll!” I felt way better and chilled down with a big smile!

Can you even imagine?? (And there will be NO fighting over who gets to be the grandma of those grandsons!)

One more image of Karl and mini-Karl after the jump….

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