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Russh Magazine x Susan Miller Astrology Outlook 2012

06 January 2012, 19.48 | Posted in Common Sense | 1 comment »

RusshSagittariusSusanMiller 540x304 Russh Magazine x Susan Miller Astrology Outlook 2012

Russh magazine is featuring the very amazing Susan Miller’s astrological outlook for each sign for 2012. Each zodiac has a customized image featuring various and sundry items that speak to the sign’s personality. We’re using Sagittarius as the example not only because it’s an awesome sign but also because Snobette central is 100 percent repped by the half-woman-half-horse Archer. How ’bout that?

The Essentials Of Fabulous Book

04 March 2011, 02.34 | Posted in Books, Common Sense | 1 comment »

essentials of fabulous1

When I first read the title of this book, I figured that it would be another self help of the fake-it-til-you-make-it kind , or think you’re better than everyone, be aggressive, see opportunities to get yourself ahead etc. How far was I from the truth! In a beautiful book (seriously the pages have this soft texture illustrated with watercolors by Susan Sagar, and sets of single bright color pages of notes in between), Ellen Lubin-Sherman illustrates being fabulous as that genuine, warmth you feel when you have encountered something or someone amazing:

“…The people who loom large in our minds, whose high spirits bring the oxygen back into the room, whose playful natures inspire us to have more fun and who can wind a few strands of apparent junk around their necks and still look mind -bogglingly stunning- they are unforgettable.”

Let me say that as a reader of Highsnobette, you’re already fabulous because you know you’re part of a special community of women who “get it.” However, what Lubin- Sherman does so well is  take you to a place of heightened fabulousness that goes beyond appearances into topics like ”giving good text” (I was all over that one) or even resurrecting the stylish art of the little just because handwritten note. In a nutshell what compels about The Essentials Of  Fabulous is that it’s not about a technique, a gimmick, a story you’re telling the world  about you, that you do not even believe yourself. It’s the opposite. The honesty of being kind, genuine with no hidden agenda or pretense and having a whole lot of fun while living it!  A book to have and to definitely give  The Essentials of Fabulous . Slides on the next page.

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Music Break: En Vogue ‘Free Your Mind’

01 March 2011, 16.36 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

In light of the debacle of ugliness the John Galliano situation illustrates, enjoy En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind,” as our statement that racial and ethnic prejudice is flat out WRONG!

Video: ‘Problema The Film’ (Full Version)

12 January 2011, 17.31 | Posted in Art, Common Sense, Having an Impact | 1 comment »



A cinematic interpretation of the world’s largest round table gathering, Problema is a visually imaginative, thought-provoking invitation to a world of global dilemmas. Spanning seventeen questions confronting who we are and where we’re going, the film follows the insights, perceptions, reflections and views of over 100 people from more than 50 nations sat together in one circle.

Vogue Brazil January 2011: Black Is Beautiful Issue

06 January 2011, 14.13 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Magazines | 3 comments »

brazil vogue Vogue Brazil January 2011: Black Is Beautiful Issue

Taking a cue from Vogue Italia, Vogue Brazil dedicates it’s January 2011 issue to a cast of all black models. Adressing the fact that Brazil as a country is populated by a very wide variety of complexions and that the darker skin tones are  seldomely  refelected in i’s fashion. Now why does this sound so familiar? In these parts blue purple or green, you get love! We love seeing the stunning Emanuele De Paula on the cover. Spotted a the equally stunning Shebreathes.

Business Of Fashion: Spring/Summer 2011 The Season That Was

13 October 2010, 19.00 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Fashion Week | 1 comment »
Kate Moss arrives at Christian Dior show, Paris | Photo: Imran Amed

Kate Moss arrives at Christian Dior show, Paris | Photo: Imran Amed

As self-described snobs and fashion geeks, we love the depth of  analysis that comes not just from taste and  opinion but also from hard cold business facts. Imran Ahmed from Business Of Fashion ( a must read), sums up some of the big  themes of this Spring/ Summer 2011 in a way that  just makes us weak in the knees. Read the feature here.

Vogue.com Relaunch : We’re Like Duh…

08 September 2010, 16.38 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »

new vogue com  600x386 Vogue.com Relaunch : Were Like Duh...

There is no denying that the blogosphere has changed  fashion and its reporting pretty much forever. Lois and myself always have these intense discussions about why a publication  like Vogue does not exploit the global historical  access  they have versus trying to compete with illustrious  fashion novelty freaks like us who do not sleep and spend our days in front of a screen.

Vogue.com the re-launch promises to have something that I have honestly prayed for, an archive that goes back to 1892 ! Allowing all that heritage to be accessible and admired. Now having looked at the site, the design is much more of the moment but it’s still trying to do what others are doing. I don’t need model off duty looks from Vogue when I have, Garance, Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman etc.  plus,  Refinery29  is already a winner in its category. Where’s the glamour and decadence?  I honestly go to Vogue for the dream,  the jaw dropping editorial.  Not  for the reality of fly-looking peers in LES or SoHo .Chime in please!

Style With Elsa Klensch: Thierry Mugler 1988

30 August 2010, 21.57 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

One of the departed gems of fashion reporting that is no more is Style With Elsa Klensch, covering the clothes, the designers, his inspiration. Enjoy a look at the Thierry Mugler Fall 1988 collection featuring icons like Iman and Pat Cleaveland, who were part of a time when fashion and its presentation was about grown and sexy women,  a little over the top sometimes but nevertheless told  so much more of a story than the almost  pre-pubescent stomping we have been forced to look at  season after season. Models today can still  be stunning in their own way,  but I find a weird disconnect in  putting a sixteen year old who is still growing into ultra-sophisticated apparel, when women  almost double her age end up actually buying…

Levi’s Launches Curve ID Jeans

20 August 2010, 12.17 | Posted in Common Sense, Denim, Design, Fashion | 4 comments »

Levis Curve ID IMG 3230 540x405 Levis Launches  Curve ID Jeans

With the tag line  stating t “All Asses Are Not Created Equal,” Levi’s launched the Curve ID denim  for women  in New York last night. The line offers to remediate  some  common fit issues like gaping waistlines, too tight  waists and curvy to straighter hips . The idea is “Jeans for All”  in these  three fits: slight curve, demi-curve and the bold curve. To find the right fit each shopper is measured to asses their waist to hip ratio, addressing  shape more than  size.

We applaud the idea of addressing the variety, however,  as you will see in the event images we had hoped the marketing or at least the demonstration would have gone “all the way” in showing more visible  variety in  body shapes  and frankly ethnicity (why not?).  We’re suckers for out-of- the box, so  ads that would shake up  some  body/ethnic  stereotypes  would be fab  ’cause  truly we ‘ve heard them all. The models you will see in the event  images are gorgeous, but the truth is you have to really zone in on each one to really see their curve differences .

On the bright side, most of the  wide variety of event attendees were able to find a pair that fits! The kings of denim  might be on to something big…Take a  closer look on the next page , courtesy of the amazing William Yan.

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A Peace Treaty vs. Madewell : Inspiration That Makes You Go Hmm

14 July 2010, 14.05 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion | 1 comment »

apt vs madewell

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, however, when a mega brand like  Madewell replicates the same  pattern  of socially-conscious label A Peace Treaty’s  ”Chesil” scarf from  Spring ‘09 you really wonder. It’s not like a polka-dot print or even a checkered print  that can be fair game.  We had a lot of love for you Madewell, but now we’re frowning! Yes technically the colors are not the same, and the pattern was inverted, but the similarity is clear.   If you like A Peace Treaty  so much why not do the coolest thing, commission special designs, pay them a nice chunk of change  and therefore contribute  to their social causes. More images of both on the flip.

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