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Oliver Peoples x Zooey Deschanel

12 February 2009, 15.04 | Posted in Accessories, Design, celebrity | No comments »

lo zooey bk g 600 pix 540x209 Oliver Peoples x Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel, featured in the OliverPeoples 2009 campaign, has partnered with the  eyewear label  on a limited edition style the Zooey (above) available  on pre-sale at OliverPeoplesfrom February 15  to March 15. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Jennesse Center for Domestic Violence Intervention Program.

Michelle Obama on the Cover of Vogue

11 February 2009, 21.25 | Posted in Books, celebrity | 1 comment »

vogue obamacover widec Michelle Obama on the Cover of Vogue

Michelle Obama graces the cover of Vogue  for the month of March!

via   Msn & Style

Adele Dressed by Anna Wintour: Your Verdict?

09 February 2009, 21.40 | Posted in Design, Fashion, celebrity | No comments »
adele 1 Adele Dressed by Anna Wintour: Your Verdict?

Adele before and after (L-R)

The Cut announced  last week that Adele was going to be dressed by none other than Ms. Anna Wintour herself for the 2009 Grammy awards. Adele seemed excited and I  was too, when I thought of the access Ms. Wintour has to pretty much any high-end designer.  The look was not horrible,  it was a great idea to play up  Adele’s green eyes,  emphasize her waist and put her in heels. The idea was classy, yet still a bit too conservative   for a 20-year old. Your thoughts??

Detailed view on the next page.

Images Wire

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MIA at the 2009 Grammys: Part Two

09 February 2009, 20.04 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Design, Music, Sneakers, celebrity | No comments »

mia 3 2 1 MIA at the 2009 Grammys: Part Two

Another look at our beloved MIA, who added a great dose of fun and  playfulness to the otherwise almost boring red carpet, which is looking too much like the Oscars. What happened to the days when you looked forward to seeing how cool/funky/daring  your favorite bands and singers would be?

More of the very cute and pregnant MIA and Benjamin Brewer, who apparently did not leave her side.

Images Wire

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T.K. Maxx Stella McCartney T-Shirt Collabo

stellamadonna T.K. Maxx Stella McCartney T Shirt Collabo

T.K. Maxx partnered with Stella McCartney to create am exclusive line of Red Nose tees, featuring The Beatles, Morecambe & Wise and my fave, Madonna. Part of the money T.K. Maxx makes will go to an organization called Comic Relief, which helps people who need help. (Apparently this is all connected to some U.K.-based event called Red Nose Day, which takes place on March 13 and again is all about raising money to help people.)

Hunky NFL Player Interns at Elle Mag

05 February 2009, 18.02 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity, interviews | No comments »

stew bradley Hunky NFL Player Interns at Elle Mag

Variety and diversity, especially in fashion, are concepts that always need to be reinforced. The fashion world can sometimes be boringly homogeneous with all the women  and the men being  the same size and wearing whatever the look of the moment is.  The concept of a hunky 6′4″ football player interning at Elle magazine might be shocking to some, but we welcome it. Eye candy and the outlook of an outsider can be quite refreshing!   Meet Stew Bradley the newest intern at Elle magazine. Read his interview via  Inside DVF

Rihanna versus Beyonce

05 February 2009, 16.36 | Posted in Fashion, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

rihrihbeyonce Rihanna versus Beyonce

JC Report has an excellent article today on the fashion choices being made by Rihanna and Beyonce. Clearly RihRih has given the intensely-competetive Beyonce a good kick in the ass. Here’s an excerpt:

Even with this ongoing creative collaboration, some industry insiders point to [Beyonce's] rivalry with fellow chart-topper Rihanna and other emerging singers. “We have to wonder if perhaps [Beyoncé] chose the dress to combat a certain popular singer who’s mentored by Jay-Z and who easily pulls off lesser-known designers,” notes New York magazine’s The Cut. And indeed many are whispering that Beyoncé’s newfound edge has to do with the need to keep up with other daring starlets’ growing fashion cred and directional picks.

We know Beyonce is smart enough to hire the best stylists in all the land who can do a very capable job of updating her look, but will it be a believable transformation?

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Married to the Mob: FIRE!

04 February 2009, 23.21 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

mobisgod Married to the Mob: FIRE!

One of the reasons I love M.O.B. head mistress and designer Leah McSweeney (and probably a big reason people are willing to invest cash money into her ideas) is her ability to generate a firestorm. It cracks me up, but she gets people all the time. She is gifted like that. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, check in with BubbleGumPony*s blog. She did a great job of summarizing the battle that went down in the days following the launch of Leah’s “controversial” spring collection. Leah’s response to the craziness can be found on her site in a post titled “Get Off My Dick.”  And yeah, that jacket is totally on the top of my wish list.

“He’s Just Not That Into You” Red Carpet

03 February 2009, 20.18 | Posted in Shoes, celebrity | 3 comments »
justnotthatintogroup Hes Just Not That Into You Red Carpet

L to R: Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Jen Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johansson

The “He’s Just Not That Into You” movie premiere went down in Los Angeles last night. It’s fun to see a bunch of hardworking and accomplished women whooping it up with each other just ’cause it’s not a very common sight in Hollywood. If you look at this photo and a few others at Wire.com, you can sort of see that Drew is everyone’s fave. Not surprising.

On the next page, take a gander at the shoes worn by Barrymore, Connelly and Goodwin. It’s truly hard to pick a favorite pair!

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Rihanna at Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert

03 February 2009, 19.20 | Posted in Accessories, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

rihrihnails Rihanna at Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert

Little Miss Sunshine performed at the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert this past weekend.  Clearly she’s still in her S&M “Road Warrior” phase.  Check out her manicure here–all black with one, multi-colored nail. UPDATE: Samia says her pinkie nail features an image of Obama. I thought it was, but I was like, nah. Wrong!!

All images are from Ultimate Rihanna. And according to that site, Rihanna will be featured in February’s Vibe. Supposedly its Vibe’s very first style issue. Could that be true? The first? Anyway, Keyshia Cole is going to be the cover girl (that link is to the actual cover, which also features her Mom–ugh). We love Keyshia, but if we’re talking style, Rihanna really deserves that spot. No doubt some public-relations-related b.s. that caused that to go down.  

The image on the other side features RihRih’s boots. When you see them, you’ll understand why “Road Warrior” lept to mind.

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