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Oh No! Ye at YSL but Where’s Amber??

10 March 2009, 01.57 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

kanyeyslfront Oh No! Ye at YSL but Wheres Amber??

Kanye was looking quite dapper at YSL, but it appears there was no Amber on his arm! Hopefully this change-in-partner status is temporary because we are so not ready for this female to drop out of the limelight. I mean, cheez, we haven’t even hit the whispered rumors of her seeing-Jay-Z-on-the-low phase yet (tho not for nothing, Yeez, watch yer back cuz you know they’re ALL gonna be coming for her)! Don’t deprive us, Ye!

Meanwhile, the knives are already out at Style:

The cropped-super-short platinum blonde is a puzzle to some–partly because she doesn’t quite share the unerring panache that has made the Louis Vuitton don an industry obsession. While statement-making, her ensembles, e.g., the strange pairing of Current/Elliot denim track shorts with a sports bra and wire-rimmed glasses she was snapped in recently–don’t quite spark sartorial shivers.

Damn!! How frosty was that?? And on that note….

Dear Kanye: If you allow Amber to be turned into a 24/7, honey-colored, buzz blonde version of Posh, I could possible never forgive you.

Late-Breaking Update: According to Jen of BaltimoreRichGirls fame (love that name!), Amber was indeed at the YSL show. In a FashionBombDaily interview with Kanye before the show, you can see her standing next to him.

All images from WireImage

Jeremy Scott: Autumn/Winter 2009

09 March 2009, 15.54 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

jscottmickeykicksfront1 Jeremy Scott: Autumn/Winter 2009

Jeremy Scott’s Autumn/Winter 2009 showing in Paris was cheery, fun, and very much Disney-inspired. You guys who read a lot know I don’t do cutsie so this was not for me.  Anyone out there inspired? I featured an image from the men’s collection front page ’cause if anything, the Adidas Mickey kicks are sort of neat-o and I like the shorts-over-leggings look.

All images WireImage

After the flip some women’s looks and Beth Ditto holding a mega-gift bag.

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Amber & K Storm the Paris Shows

09 March 2009, 14.32 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 8 comments »

amberkfront Amber & K Storm the Paris Shows

Not kidding folks, if you check out the images from the shows, Amber and Kanye’s images are front-paged for every Paris fashion show they attended. There’s something super fun about these two together. And even if they don’t seem to conversate much, our Kanye sure looks cheerier since he’s been rubbing shoulders with her  and there aint nada wrong with that!

Hopefully Samia will update us later on the fashion Miss Amber is flossing. All I know is Kanye is still favoring NB kicks!

All images WireImages.

More of this flashy duo after the flip.

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Format Mag All Female Issue No. 60

09 March 2009, 12.59 | Posted in Art, Books, Chicks with Kicks, Design, celebrity | No comments »
format toc 60 wide1 Format Mag All Female Issue No. 60
Formatmag.com celebrates International Women’s Day with Issue No. 60, the all female Issue!  It features Missy Suicide (Suicide Girls), Kid Sister, 55DSL, Dimepiece, Camilla D’Erico, Faith47, Aurora Robson, Sara Antoinette Martin, Lynette Astaire, and event photography of beautiful women from FlosstraPROMus in Chicago, and Chezoski’s in Toronto.
Check it out here.

Kanye on Amber Alert

05 March 2009, 15.55 | Posted in Shoes, celebrity | 5 comments »

amberfront Kanye on Amber Alert

Kanye finally found a companion capable of generating as much buzz as him. And it’s not just the short shorts and cropped top, check out her amazing heels.  I am looking forward to the upcoming fashion show this woman is sure to provide! Still, given Ye’s love of the limelight, I can’t help but wonder how long he’ll tolerate this interloper stealing all his thunder. It doesn’t help that they don’t seem to have much to talk about. In fact, I defy you to find a photo of them where they are even talking, much less caking it up and flirting.

Images from Bossip.

An image of Kanye and Amber NOT talking after the flip.

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Karl Lagerfeld in Vermont!

04 March 2009, 16.05 | Posted in Fashion, Media, celebrity | 1 comment »

highsnobette-karl lagerfeld

Some of you may have heard that Chanel’s King Karl has snapped himself up a yummy little brick colonial in a sleepy town in Vermont.  He has been a busy little bee both redecorating and shooting Chanel’s latest ad campaign (shown above) in his country hideout and while the entire town is a buzz, Karl had this to say; “I love this house, it is so Emily Dickinson.” Both were courageous, intelligent, loud mouthed chicks but do Coco and Emily have anything fashion wise in common? I guess we’ll find out.

Dsquared² x Britney Spears?!

04 March 2009, 15.45 | Posted in Fashion, Media, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

highsnobette-dsquared x britney spears

Dsquared² has teamed up with Britney Spears to design the costumes for her latest world tour. There is a lot of talk about how over the top her new show is going to be and for me personally I could care less about the dance moves. A show isn’t a show unless you could put it on mute and still enjoy it for the fashion entertainment value alone. I’m a huge fan of  Dsquared² and judging from the sketches they did not disappoint. Working with a circus theme, the boys kicked it up a notch with a futuristic vibe as well as bondage like touches. Dean and Dan Caten, the siblings behind the genius of Dsquared² had this to say;   “We wanted to create something much more provoking and indecent…something animalistic and primal,We are confident that this tour partnership, an autobiographical tribute for one who has always been in the spotlight: scrutinized, watched, imitated, photographed, criticized and loved, will be an enormous success.” -DSQUARED²  Looks like they nailed it to me.

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The Rihanna Fiasco

04 March 2009, 05.58 | Posted in celebrity | 7 comments »

Earlier today, I put up a post that was a shot of Rihanna and Chris together for the first time since their first meltdown (yes, that’s the link, I’m not reposting the images here ’cause at this point I’m over the drama). Because of the level of controversy it was causing the post was taken down, but I just want to make it known that Samia and I have been posting on this site for quite some time now and here and there we have always featured some celebrity stuff that doesn’t quite seem fashion related (including “Guess the Celebrity Rack,” our always very popular posts featuring gratuitous shots of KimK’s booty, not to mention, one on an 18K gold vibrator, which drew record high levels of traffic). At any given moment, there are half a dozen celebs whose choices fascinate us and that includes decisions they make that aren’t always clearly fashion-related, and that is because style is informed by, gee-what-a-shocker, a lot of stuff that happens during life away from the runway or design room. When I said earlier today I had no opinion about the Rihanna/Chris fiasco, I meant it. It’s a complicated situation and if you ask a million people what they think, you get a million opinions.  I just happen to not have one, but figured our readers who, like us, find RihRih’s every move interesting would want to know about the images.  This is supposed to be a cutting-edge, streetwear-inspired fashion blog and we will continue to–on occassion–post shit that some people find annoying, offensive or just wrong for a fashion blog. You want smooth, p.r.-tested fashion, I’m sure you know where to find it.

Karl Lagerfeld Bag !

04 March 2009, 00.40 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, celebrity | 3 comments »

image slide show new 46058 Karl Lagerfeld Bag ! 

 Colette  has an exclusive assortment of the above bag, featuring no other than our dear Karl Lagerfeld. Can we say  ”  culte de la personnalité “.

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

Chloe sevigny x opening ceremony

In my eyes Chloe Sevigny can do no wrong. One of my favorite actresses and style inspirations, I find her choices to be really courageous. Her latest collaboration with Opening Ceremony showed at London Fashion week and it’s no exception to Chloe’s eclectic aesthetic. The unisex line has teamed up with Bass to expand the collection from RTW to footwear, now including saddle shoe boots, gladiator style wedge sandals, and loafers.  Expect lots of over-sized pieces good for layering including accessories, such as scarves, that had a large part on the overall look. The use of materials such as moleskin and tweed had a very Sherlock Holmes kind of feel to it. Prices start at just $95 and the collection will be available at Opening Ceremony, Colette, Dover Street Market, and Barneys.

More after the jump.

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