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Wait…is that Nicole Richie??

20 March 2009, 17.54 | Posted in Books, Fashion, celebrity | 8 comments »

highsnobette-nicoel ritchie

Nicole Richie is featured on the April 2009 cover of BlackBook Magazine. While some on the blog circuit are saying it’s biting Lady Gaga’s style, I really could care less. The looks are hot and the styling is perfection. Nicole usually doesn’t stray from her boho glam aesthetic so it’s nice to see her pushing her own limits.

More of Nicole in BlackBook after the jump.

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Beyonce in Vogue Italia

18 March 2009, 17.46 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Media, celebrity | 3 comments »

highsnobette-beyonce in vogue italia

A little peak at what Beyonce has going on in Vogue Italia. I love the old school, retro theme. Very sexy…not that we would expect anything else from the queen Bee.

A little bit more after the jump.

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Amber & Kanye Go Back to their Prom!

16 March 2009, 16.31 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

amberwye Amber & Kanye Go Back to their Prom!

Amber and Kanye were spotted at some gala thing-y this past weekend for Metropolitan Opera. This is cute, it’s like their recreating a long past that never existed. I’m feeling love here, people. Some sort of interesting, must-be-destined connection between these two. And, yes, even if it only last three months, sometimes those types of relationships can be more significant than the ones that drag on five years too long!

Image from NecoleBitchie, where you can also hear an Amber interview from back in October. Her voice is cute, there’s a little hood edge to it and I like how she just lays it all out. Girl is nothing if not straight up.

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KimK Breaks Down her Love for Menswear

16 March 2009, 15.12 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

kimkfront KimK Breaks Down her Love for Menswear

At Kim Kardashian’s blog, she breaks down her love for menswear and features herself wearing a Michelle Mason (above) vest that she’s particularly fond of. I like menswear, too, but to be honest, I don’t think this look works for everyone. Kim is small and with her super-womanly boobies this proportion works for her.  For a tall, practically ta-ta-less person like myself, this vest would make me look masculine and I don’t know, just weird. Conversely, my legs are long so I could work men’s pants all.day.long, which might be a tougher look for Kim to pull off. So it goes, ya work with what god gave ya.

On another note, I haven’t tuned in to the new episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s,” but the recaps the girls do on her blog are pretty funny and there’s plenty of talk about their fashion choices, including a crack from Khloe on how her dress looks like it’s from Forever21!

Rihanna Returns to Fashion

16 March 2009, 13.51 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

ririhfront Rihanna Returns to Fashion

Rihanna made her first very public appearance since the incident, chowing down recently at DaSilvano, a known N.Y. paparaZzi hot spot. A night later she belatedly celebrated her birthday with Uncle Jay and Aunt Beyonce.

Those of us who love fashion down to our bones know that it’s so much more than just garments on bodies. For those that posess the key, it can be used to entertain, intrigue, send hidden messages, and sometimes, as in the images we’re seeing here, provide us refuge from the chaos.

More images after the fold, including a close-up on RihRih’s new pink tips and the sick patent leather boots she wore with the tweed jacket pictured above.

Images from Ultimate-Rihanna.  

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Beyonce on the Cover of April’s Vogue

14 March 2009, 23.35 | Posted in Books, Fashion, celebrity, interviews | 2 comments »

highsnobette-beyonce in vogue

Looking stunningly beautiful, Beyonce will be featured on the cover of the April edition of Vogue. Speaking out about weight and body image issues in their annual shape issue, Bee will not only flaunt her curves in couture but discuss them as well.  I can NOT wait for this issue to hit my mailbox.

A larger view of Vogue’s April 2009 cover after the jump

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The L.A.M.B Talega Tex

13 March 2009, 17.17 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Sneakers, celebrity | No comments »

lamb1 The L.A.M.B Talega Tex

The state of Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B . continually puzzles me as the label was one of the best celebrity lines I’ve seen in a while . Having shown in the past at fashion week, the website being currently shut down, what is the deal?

The Talega Tex Sneakers,(above) provide  a great example of how really good the line really was and still can be.  Available at Karmaloop.

Detailed view on the flip.

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Lil’ Kim: Catsuit or High-Waisted Leggings?

11 March 2009, 20.46 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 4 comments »

lilkimcatsuit Lil Kim: Catsuit or High Waisted Leggings?

Clearly we are seeing the rise from the ashes of the catsuit, an always controversial fashion classic. Still, a lot of websites are saying that Lil’ Kim, who’s been promoting her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” like crazy, is wearing a catsuit in this image and I’m not so sure. It just might be a black blouse tucked into high-waisted leggings. Whatever it is, Kim looks just adorable and as cheery as I’ve seen her in a while.

Spotted at ConcreteLoop.

False Alarm, Amber Was at YSL

11 March 2009, 18.36 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 3 comments »

amberyslfront False Alarm, Amber Was at YSL

I went into a panic yesterday because it appeared that Kanye showed up at YSL sans Amber, and me, being my usual, paranoid-over-reacting-self, decided it was ’cause Ye was over her snatching up his limelight. Well, turns out she was there….wearing a catsuit no less!! My question now is, does she have a stylist? Who is dressing her? I’m not saying the woman doesn’t have taste or flavor, but let’s face it, she’s wearing the hottest shizz in all the land and that stuff doesn’t all come together on a quick shopping spree to Neiman’s!

After the jump, beloved Jak&Jil photographer got a close-up of Amber in the Alex Wang dress she wore the other day and chopped it up into three pieces. You can see a close-up of her bag/gloves after the jump. Plus, for bonus points, an actual image of Kanye and Amber speaking words to each other!

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Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

10 March 2009, 14.40 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lilyallenchanelfront Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

Lily worked the classic Chanel  look for the label’s Autumn 2009 ready-to-wear show in Paris this past week. Young woman looks adorable as usual and I love her eyes (check ‘em out in the far right image), the makeup is minimal but effective. ‘Cause when a female has personality for days like Lily does, it’s better to keep the glop to a minimum lest you cover up all her inner shine.

Images from WireImage.