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Visit To Saks Fifth Ave Off 5th In Woodbury

01 June 2011, 14.33 | Posted in Retail, Shoes, boots, sandals | No comments »

Off5thChanel 540x405 Visit To Saks Fifth Ave Off 5th In Woodbury

In celebration of the remodel of its Off 5th Outlet store in Woodbury Commons, Saks Fifth Avenue invited a bunch of bloggers a week back to take a tour of the store. Woodbury is about an hour’s drive from New York City, and is known for the high-end, designer names it attracts, including Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada and Tory Burch ( which has velvet ropes outside its store for crowd control purposes!).

The Off 5th store looked great, with an open air, spacious feel to it that makes it easy to shop. Overall, its shoe department is its biggest draw, offering a wide range of the poshy-posh designers (yes, the above image is of THOSE Chanel boots) it sells in its full-priced doors, but at a deep discount. The handbag department was also well stocked with juicy items, and the contempory department is highlighted by a Rag & Bone line, created exclusively for Off 5th. We were mesmerized by the shoes (I snagged myself a pair of Cole Haan sandals), but for accessory lovers, there’s a very large department set up right near the entrance that has a lot of tempting items, especially watches.

See shots of Miu Miu, Camilla Scovgaard and Burberry shoes on the next page.

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Alexander Wang Backstage Autumn 2011

25 May 2011, 15.28 | Posted in Runway Show, boots | No comments »

AlexWang 360x540 Alexander Wang Backstage Autumn 2011

Great image of those super decadent, open-toe Alexander Wang boots (plus the mink fur-adorned clutch) from his Autumn 2011 runway, lifted from the visual treat that is accesory designer Melody Ehsani’s Tumblr.

Dolce & Gabbana Puts Out Book Full Of Studly Soccer Players

24 May 2011, 14.34 | Posted in boots, photography | No comments »


Dolce & Gabbana has always been the label that puts the beast in sexy so a book full of portraits featuring smoking hot soccer players is right in sync with its image. Titled “Milan Fashion Soccer Player Portraits,” it’s packed with black and white images of soccer studs from the world championship Milan team, dressed in looks ranging from formal to casual, often with chests and legs on display. The label held a party in its Milan store recently celebrating the book and the Milan team’s victory, according to Wwd, and just about the entire team showed up wearing grey pinstrips. Can you imagine?? More delicious than a hot-fudge Sundae!

That’s midfielder Rodney Strasser above. See more sexy beasts on the next page and even more here.

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Christian Louboutin Opines On Galliano

23 May 2011, 22.49 | Posted in Designer news, boots | No comments »


Christian Louboutin Aioli Spike Booty

While Christian Louboutin was in Dublin promoting his recently opened store, Graziafashion caught up with him and conducted a quick yet thorough interview, hitting on everything from who he chooses to collaborate with to his thoughts on John Galliano’s firing. Here’s what he has to say on Galliano:

I feel sad for him, it must be very hard for John because your name is your identity. When your label is your own name you defend it as a brand but also as yourself. It’s part of who you are and, physically, you are very involved-the two cannot be separated. Being sacked from a (design) house where you’ve been working for a long time is hard but having your name taken away is like ripping off the Band Aid. I would hate to lose my identity like that.

That seems like the sensible reponse–show sympathy without attempting to speculate why Galliano did or said what he did. Find more here.

The above “Ailoi Spike” bootie is part of Louboutin’s Autumn collection. It delivers mid-June and is available for presale, though alas, it’s already sold out.

Jeffrey Campbell Lookbook Ft. Illustrator Philip Mimms

10 May 2011, 18.23 | Posted in Shoes, boots, lookbook, sandals | No comments »

JeffreyCampbellPhillipMimms 294x540 Jeffrey Campbell Lookbook Ft. Illustrator Philip Mimms

Jefffrey Campbell is showing a sneak preview of one of the illustrations by Philip Mimms, who has worked with the brand quite a bit and this time will be the creative force behind JC’s next lookbook, called “Outer Limits.” Look for it to go live sometime next week.

Christian Louboutin Autumn 2011

28 April 2011, 22.09 | Posted in Shoes, boots, sandals | 8 comments »

ChristianLouboutin Christian Louboutin Autumn 2011

A sneak peek at Christian Louboutin’s Autumn 2011 lineup is here and as we mentioned before, fur is the material the designer is using to inject fashion newness for this season. As with every collection, Louboutin features a few shoes that seem to reside in the world of pure fantasy–there’s even one fun shoe featuring a paw silhouette and a fur ankle boot with a pointy elfin toe!

See more shoes on the next page.

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Jimmy Choo Pre-Autumn 2011 Sneak Peek

28 April 2011, 20.25 | Posted in Shoes, boots, lookbook, sandals | No comments »

JimmyChooAutumn2011 (1)

On its Facebook page, darling shoe brand of high-end department store chains Jimmy Choo gives a sneak peek of its Pre-Autumn 2011 collection. According to Jimmy Choo, the Autumn collection will feature more sneakers slippers, espadrilles, clogs and ballet flats. There are also plans to introduce jellies, mocassins and driving shoes. In other words the brand is expanding offerings. Jimmy Choo is rumored to be up for sale so perhaps the wider selection is being offered to help drive up the asking price.

More images on the next page, including some styles that are a lot more casual than we’re used to seeing from this brand.

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Diana Linda ‘Bollywood’ Boots

28 April 2011, 00.37 | Posted in Fashion, boots | 1 comment »


bollywood boots.2

It’s finally warm enough to dare sandals, at least in our opinion, and subsequently we’ve develloped a little obsession with Diana Linda’s “Bollywood” boots. The open toe flat gladiator hybrid was all the rave last summer , however there’s an exotic/bohemian appeal to these that has us smitten. Available at Masalachai, more views on the flip.

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Fur Shoes: Rodarte & Altuzarra

22 April 2011, 17.50 | Posted in boots, fur, sandals | No comments »

 Fur Shoes: Rodarte & Altuzarra

We’ve been observing fur as an important Autumn trend not just as an outerwear material, but also used on shoes, bags and in the cases of Alexander Wang, on sunglasses! The shoes featured here, Rodarte on the left and Altuzarra on the right, occupy very different worlds but yet the theme of fur connects them.

Khloe Kardashian’s Closet

19 April 2011, 22.54 | Posted in Shoes, bags, boots, celebrity | No comments »

KhloeKardashianLouboutin1 Khloe Kardashians Closet

Here is just one pair of Christian Louboutin shoes included on Khloe Kardashian’s list of favorites, many of which are highlighted in an Elle magazine slideshow featuring her meticulously-ordered shoe closet, plus other items that have become wardrobe staples for her. Here’s what she has to say about her shoe closet:

“I love all of my shoes! It is a must to have them color coordinated, and to be able to see each and every one of them. I know exactly where each one lives and I can tell if one has even been moved! It definitely helps to put one shoe facing front, and the other to the back. It saves space, but it is also nice to be able to see the back-side of the shoe. I am an organization freak!” 

See the closet plus a few more images on the next page.

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