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KimK: “At Least I Have a Butt!!”

29 August 2008, 15.43 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Other | No comments »

Living doll KimK recently posed for a Radar Mag photo shoot. The theme was the long ago and legendary Brooke Shield CK jeans ad campaign. In her interview with the mag, she gave the best comeback punch ever when she responded to Paris’s description of her butt as gross by panning, "If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross I really don’t care. At least I have a butt." Exactly, Kim! Where did crazy Paris get off thinking that all the world loves a backless wonder?? Cheez!

KimKOnBack KimK: At Least I Have a Butt!!

This story was snatched from one of my new favorite blogs, BubbleGumPonys. Go visit and buy one of her I Love NY totes and check out her awesome self-made manicure.

Love, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Anattitude Mag issue 3 Out Now!!

19 August 2008, 03.23 | Posted in Books | No comments »

AM issue3 cover web gr 1  Anattitude Mag issue 3 Out Now!!Anattitude Magazine Continues their awesome representation of the female voice in Hip Hop ,a voice rarely heard in the mainstream lately…

Issue #3 is out

This Issue features My all time fave Martha Cooper as well as the women who molded Hip Hop in the 70’s and 80’s!

If you know very little about the Ladies of hip-Hop,let Anattitude school you…. 

Great work Jee!!


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Vogue Italia “The Black Issue” My 2cents

21 July 2008, 22.33 | Posted in Books, Common Sense | No comments »

 Vogue Italia The Black Issue My 2cents

So Finally after many calls and gymnastics I fanally got my hands on the famed  Vogue Italia July 2008 “A Black Issue”

For as much as it has been a big deal in some sectors like the fashion scene in New York where the issue was Sold Out until it was recently re-printed , the rest of the world might not have necessarily noticed…

Having grown up with an open mind when it comes to color , beauty to me came from places all over the world, there was never a”color of boy”I could not date,  he just  had to not be pierced and tattoed ( hey they had to forbid something!)….Nevertheless, The photography and editorials were great! 

But then again, for a much as I love the idea..I hope that women of any race will not wait for a mainstream publication to feature them to truly feel beautiful and accepted by society…Or is it too late for that?

You can be blue, purple or green ….Beauty is Beauty!


Tag Town by Martha Cooper

14 July 2008, 18.54 | Posted in Art, Books | No comments »

tagtown4 Tag Town by Martha Coopertag town Tag Town by Martha Cooper

I am soo Late on this But I had to feature this relatively New Book By Martha Cooper called "TagTown" where the Famed Street culture photographer documents the phonomenon  of"Tagging"

The text is by Martha herself and Tobias Lindblad

Pictures courtesy of Graffiti.org and HighSnobiety



tagtown2 Tag Town by Martha Cooper
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HSBETTE XCLSV: Michael Venker X The KDU !!

24 June 2008, 16.08 | Posted in Art, Books, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 HSBETTE XCLSV: Michael Venker  X   The KDU !!

Michael Venker a recent Parsons Fashion Design Graduate is expected to launch in Japan Next Month, He collaborated with The KDU on this  Art/lookbook made of Hand stitched 70 year old linen paper with real 24kt Gold and Platinum details..definitely a keeper!!!..when Michael was asked about who his target customer was here’s what he had to say:

"Someone who wants have a good time, and laughs a lot. My clothing isn’t really form fitting, so it can appeal to a broad range of body types and ages, so it’s more of an attitude thing. I think my customer works and plays hard, and has a blast doing both"-

A man after my own heart!!His name will be on all the fashion radars if they are not already…check  after the jump for more Images…



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No Polo Widow..The Boot!

18 June 2008, 14.17 | Posted in Accessories, Books, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 No Polo Widow..The Boot!

Blake Mycoskie the founder of Toms Shoes has a New project up of his sleeve! The cutie entrepreneur w/a big heart is  bringing to life the story of the "Polo Widows" of Buenos Aires(Quite Sassy!!!) along with a great boot!

 No Polo Widow..The Boot! No Polo Widow..The Boot!

They look really sleek and light weight now you can stop wearing Uggs in the summer Pleeease!



HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

29 May 2008, 16.53 | Posted in Art, Books, Chicks with Kicks | No comments »

b girlz 1 We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

"The We B*Girlz Festival is a multimedia Festival by women for women celebrating the 4 elements of Hip Hop and more. We B*Girlz wants to present a strong role model for adolescent girls. We B*Girlz Productionz wants to show that women mastered skills in all aspects of Hip Hop and have earned a place in Hip Hop history. We will celebrate their creativity with a one month festival in August 2008 in Berlin."

events We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

 "Our intention is to provide a platform for girls and young women from different nations and cultural backgrounds to make contacts, exchange ideas, and support each other. We want to teach them new skills, strengthen their confidence and show them the accomplishments of women in all aspects of Hip Hop culture. Within 4 weeks in August 2008, the We B*Girlz Festival will provide the girls with tools to be creative in the different aspects of Hip Hop culture, and will also teach them how to document their own culture through workshops in video editing, photography, and web design etc. "

"During the 4 weeks in August, we will not only have lots of workshops, but also exhibitions, concerts, club nights, a filmfestival etc. We will produce a compilation with female artists, a magazine and a DVD. The event series will close with a big festival with battles, shows and a concert on the last weekend in August. We hope to see y’all in Berlin! Peace out! We B*Girl"

A cause after my own Heart!!


for more info go to www.bgirlz.com


HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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The Devil and Ms. Field @ S&TC Premiere

28 May 2008, 18.09 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Other | No comments »

Here’s one more from the premiere. This time it’s La Diabla on the left and fashion genius Ms. Patricia Field (who I embarrassingly confused with Vivienne Westwood last week!!). Devil MsFields The Devil and Ms. Field @ S&TC Premiere

See how Anna’s image is light and Pat’s is dark? That just shows you how things aren’t always as they seem!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com 
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SNKRFRKR Showing love to the Ladies!!!

19 May 2008, 14.36 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

 SNKRFRKR Showing love to the Ladies!!!

Sneaker Freaker Magazine is in my opinion one of the Best magazines out there dedicated to all things Sneaker related ,this week the whole Online mag is devoted to women in the sneaker/streetculture world!

check it out!!


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BlackGirlintheCity: It Aint Over ‘Til It’s Over!”

20 April 2008, 02.34 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

BlackGirlintheCity is a site you visit when you’ve done all the pretty pictures and you find yourself hankering for something a little more substantial. Words that’ll actually make you think, ya know??

I linked to her hysterical recount of an encounter with a Marc-Jacobs-bag-owning idiot not long ago, but the story I’m linking to here is a little different. In it, she talks about shedding an ex. Like any good writer, she writes in layers and while she reveals what she believes are her own lessons, there’s plenty of space between the lines for us to draw our OWN conclusions.

Here’s an excerpt:

My ex has finally decided to move on.  Good for effing him!  Lol.  We were the best of friends with a strong history until true feelings got involved.  Its funny how people tend to be on their worse behavior when falling or being in love.

BlackGirlOverYou  BlackGirlintheCity: It Aint Over Til Its Over!

^^Dear BlackGirl: He so aint over you!

And as for her comment on Hillary, she said it, not me! And though I gave up using the word bitch as a 2008 resolution, I hafta admit Hill is pushing me to the damn edge!

Still missing you! 
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