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RhiRhi: Amazing Dress

17 April 2008, 18.56 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Other | 1 comment »

Over at Ultimate-Rihanna there are new scans of RhiRhi from her Afro magazine (sorry, couldn’t find the link) cover story. Within the story, she’s wearing a dress that’s stupid amazing. I hope whoever is hooking RhiRhi up with her fashion is being well compensated ’cause she deserves it for doing such a great job of setting this young woman so far apart from the pack just via her clothing choices alone. Not that I think RhiRhi is totally being constructed from the outside, but how she’s being dressed is not small part of her image.  

RhiRhiAmazingDress RhiRhi: Amazing Dress

^^Don’t know who made the dress

Lunch break!

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Kanye: “I was breast-fed too long!”

16 April 2008, 16.53 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

While attending the opening night party for the Brooklyn Museum Murakami exhibit, Kanye West was interviewed by New York magazine:

NYMag: Murakami says you’re mostly drawn to his work involving women with large breasts?

Kanye: it’s true. I have liked big tits ever since I was a kid. I was breast-fed too long. It messed me up!”

In which case, we’re dedicating this image to you, Kanye!

SofiaMansfield Kanye: I was breast fed too long!

^^Sofia Loren busted throwing shade at Jayne Mansfield’s Hall-of-Fame girls

Booby-squishing hugs!

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B.J. Upton: Possible Need to Draw Back on Hottie Status

15 April 2008, 18.26 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

A few posts back, I highlighted a Complex fashion editorial that featured Tampa Bay Rays center fielder B.J. Upton and his brother Justin, who plays for Arizona. I mentioned that given what a hottie B.J. was, I’d be looking forward to watching the Rays compete against the Yankees.

 ComplexBJ3 B.J. Upton: Possible Need to Draw Back on Hottie Status

^^Good looks rating currently in jeopardy

Well last night the Yankees played the Rays and at first it was great because the Bombers were crushing the Rays, but then things started turning and damned if B.J. didn’t help tie up the game with a home run shot in the 7th!

So I’m thinking, maybe he’s not so cute, after all!!
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Madonna: Cover of Elle Magazine

14 April 2008, 16.53 | Posted in Books | No comments »

Madonna is on the cover of May’s Elle magazine looking her usual hot and charismatic self, qualities brought to the forefront by Tom Munro’s outstanding photography.

As far as Ms. Ciccone-Ritchie is concered, I have this theory that the more nicknames a person has, the more legendary. In the case of Madonna we have: Boy Toy, Madge, Daisy, Mo, Material Girl, Esther. etc.

I rest my case.

Here’s a taste of the shoot:

Madonya2 Madonna: Cover of Elle Magazine

^^She’s wearing a silk/cashmere sweater by Halston; a patent vinyl bra by Deborah Marquit and those ultra-sick boots? Why Miu Miu of course!

And on another note, but still speaking of Elle magazine, by now I take it you know that Nina Garcia is out from her job as fashion director as Elle. I know there’s a lot of speculation about what happened, but I’m thinking they gave her the shove ’cause she just didn’t have time with all her other Fashion Runway obligations to do her job right! All that gossip being said, the very latest update from MediaBistro is that she’s still in talks with Elle to keep up some sort of mutually beneficial connection.

Late-breaking update: I am so on it! I was just reading this snippet on PerezHilton:

“She became too busy with Project Runway the last year to two,” a mag insider tells us. “Nina had been spending about 8 hours a week on average actually in the office and working, and had her 2 assistants doing all of her work for her.”

Did I not say that exact same thing??

Affectionately yours,

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Complex Shoes

12 April 2008, 00.00 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Shoes | 1 comment »

Speaking of Complex, Mila Kunis was on this month’s cover. She’s cute, but the Jimmy Choo shoes she wore on the cover were HOT!

ComplexShoes Complex Shoes

If you wanna see the rest of Mila’s bod, click here.


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Complex Magazine: B.J. Upton

11 April 2008, 21.33 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

By featuring two up-and-coming baseball playing brothers in its newest issue, Complex magazine was probably just trying a fresh take on the usual sickly-looking male models, but in the process they also gave their gay and female readers some nice eye candy to drool over.

The story features both B.J. Upton, who plays centerfield for Tampa Bay and is currently batting–eke!–just over .200, and his younber brother Justin, who plays second base for the Diamondbacks and is batting–wow!–.382. Justin may have the better bat, but it’s his older brother B.J. who’s got it going on in the looks department. Take a look-see at a couple of images from the Complex shoot (more at the link above):

BJPorch Complex Magazine: B.J. Upton

BJProfile Complex Magazine: B.J. Upton

The extra nice part for me is that I actually like, ney LOVE baseball. And as a female, being a fan comes with the added benefit of being able to do some man watching while watching games. However, because the men who play the game are often goody-two shoe, flavor-lacking jock types, the pickings are slimmer than you might think. Good to see there will be someone to look out for next time the Bombers take on Tampa Bay!

More images of B.J. in uniform after the fold 
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Glamour Magazine: Bathing Suits Galore

09 April 2008, 16.45 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Shoes | 2 comments »

If you’re starting to obsess over bathing suits, take note that this month’s issue of Glamour is, too. They do that whole Glamour thing where they try and help you find the right suit for your size and that includes showing women before (in their chosen suits) and after (in Glamour’s suits). What Glamour fails to realize–or pretends to fail to realize–is that a lot of us CHOOSE to wear a bathing suit that our ass/boobs hang out of. We don’t want a suit that covers our curves and makes us look tasteful, i.e. stale and b-o-r-i-n-g. We are not striving to be classy, rather, on most days, just trying to let our inner sexy shine.

All that being said, the editorial shoot was pretty sharp. Here’s one of my faves:

GlamourBathingSuit Glamour Magazine: Bathing Suits Galore

 ^^I don’t know how great the suit is, but the photographer made it look good, plus she’s wearing some hot-hot-hot Sigerson Morrison sandals.

You all are gonna be sick of me by the end of this day,

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DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

08 April 2008, 15.13 | Posted in Art, Books | No comments »

DJ Billy Jam of WFMU recently interviewed one of our faves, TooFly, along with the legendary legendary Lady Pink, plus Muck and Dona, all four who are collaborators in a current installation at Bronx Museum called “Activism is Never Done” (aint that the damn truth!). Karla Murray, co-author of graffiti books “Burning New York” and “Broken Windows” was also there.

You can check out the archived show here.

DJBilly3.jpg DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

^^DJ Billy Jam and the rest of the crew

DJBilly1.jpg DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

^^This is why we love her.

I’m back in New York. Yeh!

I missed you!!!!


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Mass Appeal Magazine: Girls, Girls, Girls

08 April 2008, 14.39 | Posted in Books | No comments »

I’m in one of the moods in which Mass Appeal magazine, which should know better, calling young women “girls” gets me very irritated. In terms of how anti-woman it is on a scale of one-to-ten, ten being killing baby girls, I’d put calling 18-year old females girls at a .0003, but like I said, one of those moods. (Hypocrisy disclosure: If I researched back through my own posts here, it would probably take me all of five minutes to discover I’ve done the exact same thing.)

MissAppeal Casting flyer2 Mass Appeal Magazine: Girls, Girls, Girls

p.s. I’ve been traveling (and Samia’s on vacation!!) thus the light posting. I was tempted to photograph my outfit yesterday and have that constitute a post, but I haven’t yet reached that level of desperation.

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John Maeda X Reebok

24 March 2008, 18.46 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

 John Maeda X Reebok

We also got to meet John Maeda,who is someone I could talk to for days..bright in a very humble way and totally design oriented in the old school way with Pen and Paper .We were Surprised to hear that his process actually sterted with words,who are actually featured in the sock Liners of both the Freestyle and the Ventilator.

We were pressed for time but John definitely has an amazing opinion of the female species..Highsnobette definitely hearts him..Check out his Book :Laws of simplicity…

You might learn a thing or two..I did…


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