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We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

29 May 2008, 16.53 | Posted in Art, Books, Chicks with Kicks | No comments »

b girlz 1 We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

"The We B*Girlz Festival is a multimedia Festival by women for women celebrating the 4 elements of Hip Hop and more. We B*Girlz wants to present a strong role model for adolescent girls. We B*Girlz Productionz wants to show that women mastered skills in all aspects of Hip Hop and have earned a place in Hip Hop history. We will celebrate their creativity with a one month festival in August 2008 in Berlin."

events We B* GIrlz Berlin 2008

 "Our intention is to provide a platform for girls and young women from different nations and cultural backgrounds to make contacts, exchange ideas, and support each other. We want to teach them new skills, strengthen their confidence and show them the accomplishments of women in all aspects of Hip Hop culture. Within 4 weeks in August 2008, the We B*Girlz Festival will provide the girls with tools to be creative in the different aspects of Hip Hop culture, and will also teach them how to document their own culture through workshops in video editing, photography, and web design etc. "

"During the 4 weeks in August, we will not only have lots of workshops, but also exhibitions, concerts, club nights, a filmfestival etc. We will produce a compilation with female artists, a magazine and a DVD. The event series will close with a big festival with battles, shows and a concert on the last weekend in August. We hope to see y’all in Berlin! Peace out! We B*Girl"

A cause after my own Heart!!


for more info go to www.bgirlz.com


HighSnobette at Hotmail.com
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Madonna & Chanel K-I-S-S-I-N-G. @ Cannes

22 May 2008, 19.31 | Posted in Art, Fashion | No comments »

Straight up, the dress, which is Chanel, is amazing. You see a garment like this and it’s one of those moments when you are made to understand the difference between ready to wear and coutoure. My issue with Madge in this dress, however, is that she’s so tiny that it doesn’t look as good on her. And she has a tendency to do that–wear outfits that fit her personality rather than her frame. But oh well, she’s Mo. Her critics over the past quarter of a century have come and gone and she remains standing. A bad-ass female if ever there was one!

MadgeCannes1 Madonna & Chanel K I S S I N G. @ Cannes

MadgeCannes7 Madonna & Chanel K I S S I N G. @ Cannes

My other issue is that I’m not crazy about this kind of stark, black, white color contrast. To my eye, it breaks up the dress’s lines too much.

More images (which are all from Wire.com) of the dress, Mo’s accessories and her shoes after the flip.

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21 May 2008, 12.47 | Posted in Art | No comments »


This is Gaby’s story"He woke up one morning and told his  girlfriend he was going to be a succesful artist,without an art degree or any art experience, he started to create art on  cardboard found on the street and mixing  paint with Diet Coke"

His inspiration comes usually fom modern icons found in our Urban world.I love that he uses material found on the street to paint…Lord knows the huge amounts of carboard we toss everyday..And you know what the Big Corporations are even worse…I’ve spent many an aftternoon taping boxes to be tossed….

Any way I really like Gaby’s work! Check out after the jump for more of his work

For those of you out there who Drink Diet Coke like it’s water you might want to think of what it does to your  body…




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HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

05 May 2008, 16.11 | Posted in Accessories, Art | No comments »

The item of the day arrived early today. Once again, one of our amazing readers hipped me up to a line that I definitely should have known about, but pathetically did not. This tip comes from Em, who let me us know that M.I.A. has a sister, Kari Arulpragasam, who does a jewelry line called Super Fertile.

Let me not lie and admit that when I first read about the line, I figured it would likely be a bust. After all, how much creativity can any one family claim?? But as soon as I saw the images, I was stunned and amazed. Kari is as talented at making jewelry as her sister is at making music.

SF3 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^Haiti: In honor of my HighSnobette partner in crime

SF1 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^I think that’s Sudan on the left and Iraq on the right. I love how she doesn’t disappear women who wear veils. They are right there in the mix, representing.

More images, including earrings on the other side…

Now the other news Em imparted is that M.I.A.has started her own clothing line. Love the woman, but I don’t know about that move. Besides the rag trade being a total grind, when musicians and actresses launch brands, the outcome is akin to athletes who try to be rappers….aka not positive!

Welcome back to another week!

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Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show

04 May 2008, 19.35 | Posted in Art | No comments »

If you didn’t get to go to the Sweet City Woman art show, which featured six female artists, you can still see what it looked like at TooFly’s site. Here’s one image from her section of the show:

TooFlyShowSweetCityWoman Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show

The opening’s done, but the exhibit will run through May 31st. at Fuse Gallery: 93 2nd Avenue between 5th & 6th Street.
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Elemental Threads: Design your own Bag!

01 May 2008, 19.07 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Other | 1 comment »

If you’ve got this vision for a bag design that you just can’t seem to find anywhere, stop your hunting. At Elemental Threads you can choose from 8 blank bodies on which you can create your own designs.

ElementDesignBag Elemental Threads: Design your own Bag!

So if unicorns leaping over pink and orange butterflies has always been your dream design….get to it, lady!
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Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show @ Fuse Gallery, NYC

28 April 2008, 22.58 | Posted in Art | No comments »

When last I spoke to TooFly, she was mentioning how she needed a new system for keeping herself better organized and on top of all her appointments/events. Given that she not only sent me the flier for this post AND the last one–both events which she’s participating in–as busy as this woman is, rather than any new system, she might wanna try cloning herself!

This show takes opens on May 3rd at Fuse Gallery and will be curated by Queen Andrea and GMO$, both of whose art is also featured, along with TooFly plus three more.

Here’s the flier…

TooFlyFemaleArtShow 01 Sweet City Woman: All Female Art Show @ Fuse Gallery, NYC

After the flip are some sample images from the show, and more are here.
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Sneaker Galaxy: Presented by Le Femme Sole

28 April 2008, 22.25 | Posted in Art, Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

This came across the news wires while I was away so sue me if you’ve already seen it on all your favorite sneaker sites! The event is a “glow-in-the-dark” charity art exhibit, featuring the work of 12 female street artists. It all goes down this Thursday, May 1st in SoHo, New Yawk.  

If you wanna go or need more info, visit LeFemmeSole < -----(Love the name!)

SneakerGalaxy Sneaker Galaxy: Presented by Le Femme Sole

^^This ridiculously cute show poster is courtesy of none other than Highsnobette beloved TooFly.
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DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

08 April 2008, 15.13 | Posted in Art, Books | No comments »

DJ Billy Jam of WFMU recently interviewed one of our faves, TooFly, along with the legendary legendary Lady Pink, plus Muck and Dona, all four who are collaborators in a current installation at Bronx Museum called “Activism is Never Done” (aint that the damn truth!). Karla Murray, co-author of graffiti books “Burning New York” and “Broken Windows” was also there.

You can check out the archived show here.

DJBilly3.jpg DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

^^DJ Billy Jam and the rest of the crew

DJBilly1.jpg DJ Billy Jam: Graffiti Radio

^^This is why we love her.

I’m back in New York. Yeh!

I missed you!!!!


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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The Devil Went Down to Brooklyn!!! OMG!

04 April 2008, 16.04 | Posted in Art | No comments »

The opening for the Murakami show at Brooklyn Museum was last night and looky-loo and who was there! None other than the devil herself!!

AnnaWintour The Devil Went Down to Brooklyn!!! OMG!

^^She probably helicoptored in and landed on the roof of the museum to avoid driving through the streets of Brooklyn so she wouldn’t have to hurt her eyes gazing upon humans—gasp!!–who don’t make a gazillion dollars/year. That’s Marc on the right of course. He did another bag collabo with Murakami and it launched in conjunction with opening night.

And if you weren’t there, don’t feel bad (even though it would have been fun to see Kanye perform no matter what). Look at the pictures after the fold and you’ll see that launch night parties at museums are filled with boring-ass people who have the social skills of hamsters. I’m NOT lying. Seriously.

All images from Wire
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