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Zoe Seldana For Calvin Klein Envy

28 July 2010, 17.26 | Posted in Fashion, advertisement | 1 comment »


zoe 397x540 Zoe Seldana For Calvin Klein Envy

WWD gives us a preview of actress Zoe Seldana’s big advertising debut  as she stars in the Calvin Klein underwear campaing for their new “Envy line of five bras which includes a lace demi Bra, a tailored demi bra, a natural lift plunge bra, an air push up bra and Saldana’s favorite, a triangle bra —  being shipped to stores this week. “  This comes as a commentary to our previous post on the documentary, The Color of Beauty, indicating as the model agent  in the short states,  there is a place for women of color as long as they fit what has sadly been established as a standard of beauty. Regardless of  diversity issues in fashion, congratulations to Zoe in  landing some big bucks and global  exposure! More images on the flip.

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Misonni Autumn/Winter 2010 Video Ad Campain

28 July 2010, 12.19 | Posted in Fashion, advertisement | 1 comment »

The latest advertisement-in-the-guise-of-a-an-arty-movie-short comes from Missoni. This one is by Kenneth Anger, an experimental film maker. And while I like that artsy film makers are getting work and being given an opportunity to have artistic influence on a large sale, I must say I am not so crazy about this trend and have yet to see an ad short I want to watch beginning to end.

Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans Autumn 2010 Ad Campaign

26 July 2010, 18.41 | Posted in Denim, advertisement | 1 comment »

Levis3 Levis Boyfriend Jeans Autumn 2010 Ad Campaign

I’m still in love with Levi’s. The designer brands come and go, but the little red tag will always be the first one that ever mattered. The images here are ads for Levi’s “Boyfriend” jeans Autumn 2010 collection. They look good, but you know how it goes…you have to try them on first. Via Twenty2.

More after the flip.

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Tommy Hilgifer Over-The-Knee Boots

25 July 2010, 23.35 | Posted in Shoes, advertisement | 8 comments »

StyleFrizzTommyHilfiger Tommy Hilgifer Over The Knee Boots

Tommy Hilfiger is about as big corporate as you can get–it’s owned by Phillips-Van Huesen, but still, given the return to prepped out looks we’re seeing, there could be an opportunity for the brand to make some waves. Or not. Anyway, these boots on StyleFrizz caught my eye. They’re featured in an ad, whose theme is a family called the Hilfigers…aka the dysfunctional version of the Laurens? Whether they’re eye-catching or not, I remain on the fence, something about the shoes and the photos, which seem a little out of place for right now.

Sisley Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

22 July 2010, 15.48 | Posted in Media, advertisement | 2 comments »

sisleycampaign5 Sisley Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

Parisian-brand [UPDATE: A reader informs  that it is an Italian brand not French. Thank you, Sasha for the correction and for reading us!] Sisley has released its ad shots for Fall 2010, which was shot by Terry Richardson. The female model is Ashley Smith and the fella is Tyler Riggs. Say what you will about Richardson, but the soft-porn aesthetic he is known for has pretty much taken over fashion photography. Via Fashiongonerogue.

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Disney ‘Stardust’ Mickey Mouse Ring

20 July 2010, 23.04 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity | 2 comments »

 Disney Stardust Mickey Mouse Ring

My Japanese is out of commission today so all I know is that Disney is launching a collection of very fancy pants Mickey Mouse rings. Cutesy usually doesn’t do it so much for me, but there’s something very decadent about these that I like. The one thing I don’t get is that Mickey seems to have just one eye so is he winking or was he perhaps injured (totally by accident of course) by an over exhuberant Tigger? Or is that his cute, Michael-Jacksonesque nose? One wonders. Via Openers. More on the flip.

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More Lara Stone Calvin Klein Ad Images

19 July 2010, 19.59 | Posted in Models, advertisement, celebrity | 1 comment »

CKLaraStone1 More Lara Stone Calvin Klein Ad Images

Clearly Calvin Klein is going to milk this partnership for all it’s worth.

More images after the flip, plus a behind-the-scenese video from the making of the video ad, which is precisely what I mean by milking. Via Fuckyealarastone.

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Making of Louis Vuitton Autumn Ad Campain

01 July 2010, 18.39 | Posted in Accessories, advertisement, celebrity | 3 comments »

Adorable-as-ever Marc Jacobs talks about the theme for Louis Vuitton’s Autumn ad campaign, and I know this sounds stupid, but one of the most interesting parts is when he catches himself calling the models “girls” and quickly corrects himself and says, “women.” The reference to models as girls is very much industry-speak so it’s striking that he makes the change….a reflection of consciousness or branding in-step with the line’s theme of a curvier and more womanly female?

Model David Gandy Blogs For Vogue U.K.

30 June 2010, 20.52 | Posted in Fashion, advertisement | 1 comment »

david gandy light blue

I can’t say that I closely follow the male modeling world, know everyone’s name etc. However,  when D&G launched their Light Blue campaign featuring  tall ,dark and handsome David Gandy, a few years ago  they, well  he caught my attention. Guess I was not the only one, as  Vogue U.K. totally beat me to the chase and now has him as a blogger on their site. Could this be an attempt to increase  traffic or does he actually  bring something  interesting to the table? Cannot wait to see if Vogue US will follow with male model bloggers?

Amanda Kerr For Prada Autumn Ad Campaign

29 June 2010, 16.24 | Posted in advertisement | 1 comment »

Prada Campaign 06 Amanda Kerr For Prada Autumn Ad Campaign

As photographed by Steve Meisel, model Miranda Kerr will be the face of Prada’s Autumn ad campaign, which takes its inspiration from what has become an important fashion trend this year–a look back on the dark side of the ’50s. This a big deal for Kerr as it’s a big marker in her slow but steady crossover from lad’s model to super model status.

More images after the flip.

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