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Video: HBO Girls ‘Slim Pants’ Episode 10

20 June 2012, 01.00 | Posted in tee-shirt | No comments »

In serious catch-up mode here so this post on HBO Girl’s No. 10 will be followed a second one from the same episode. (I’m not trying to do an episode-by-episode analysis because that doesn’t work for me.) If you’re at all keeping up, you know that this series has a rather unique relationship with fashion, somewhat love-hate-ish if you will, which I’ve totally enjoyed analyzing.  

In Episode 9, character Hannah arrives at her new coffee shop job only to be dressed down–literally–by her boss and friend, Ray who so far is the funniest character on this very charming show. Here are some highlights from his lecture on appropriate attire for a barista:

Ray: And don’t do some shit where you come back wearing grey flannel sweat pants and a Taylor Swift tee-shirt to be a dick. I know all the dick moves, don’t be a dick. Okay? Just a nice, a nice cute top.
Hannah: A cute top?
Ray: Yea, a cute top. Stop by an American Apparel if you have to. And get a slim leg. Jeans with a slim leg. I want you back in an hour. Slim leg! Okay? Slim leg!

Not as much deep analysis here, but pure funniness in my opinion as it relates to the concept of ironic fashion choices, aka dressing like a “dick.”

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