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Girls Anti-Fashion Analysis: Episode 7

29 May 2012, 18.03 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

GirlsGroupShot 540x307 Girls Anti Fashion Analysis: Episode 7

I wrote about Girls’ and its anti-fashion tendencies last week, and we see clothing choices again used to make deprecating statement about the main characters in the series’ 7th episode, titled, “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. the Crackcident. However, we see another statement as it relates to  wardrobe also emerge.

For starters, there’s Marnie’s outfit (above right), openly degraded by her ex’s new flame, who guesses by her appearance that she’s a member of Real Housewives of New York. (Later Marnie  takes her own shot by making fun of the girl’s headbanded “Navajo” look.) And then poor Shoshanna, whose sequin skirt and tucked in blouse has J.Crew tendencies and yet is clearly out of place at a Bushwick warehouse party. Interestingly, fueled by crack, she tosses the skirt by the end of the episode.

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And then even Jessa, as much as I.adore.everything.about.her seems a smidge (ok, maybe more than a smidge) over the top in her feather something-or-another (above middle), which is also mocked by Ray–not that his opinion matters but still–and then weirdly the thing seems to fly away at some point.  Hanna’s outfit (above left) is perhaps the most correct relative to what you would expect at a Brooklyn warehouse party–then again,  cullottes with tights is borderline as it relates to fashion normalcy, even for a Williamsburger look.

I still think the hacks at fashionionabilty are being used to make Sex in the City distancing statements, but now, too, it seems the wardrobe is being used to express social tribes and how clothes define the person and her/his belief systems, which writer Lena Dunham herself expresses in an episode recap

You look at Hanna and Marnie and even though they live together in Brooklyn, just based on their fashion choices you have to guess they will live in very different places 10 years from now.  And that’s what I love about this show, it seems fairly straightforward on the surface but there are all sorts of intricate things being expressed on the sly.

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  1. Very entertaining add!! It makes me smile, thanks.

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