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12-Foot-Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

26 January 2012, 15.57 | Posted in Design, Furniture | 2 comments »

BrownstoneBackyardView 359x540 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

When I first moved to NYC and was squished in with multiple roommates, I actually had repeated dreams about finding hidden doors leading to big empty rooms. Something tells me this is not a unique city dream theme. And since we showed the very posh Brooklyn homes being sold by Jenna Lyons and Agyness Deyn, it stands to reason some of our readers might have fun checking out this more size-challenged 12-foot wide Brooklyn brownstone. More in keeping with the average person’s reality but still manages to be just as dreamy as the celebs’ spots.

According to architect Tim Rasic who purchased it in 2005

“It was a full-on interior and exterior renovation. “There had been only two owners before us, each of whom had the house for about fifty years. And they hadn’t done any work in the last fifty.”

Brownstoner has more details on design choices, like choosing not to put cabinets on the walls in the kitchen to make the room seem wider. Interesting how seemingly every choice made is so influenced by the desire to make the space seem larger. Wonder if sometimes they didn’t want to rebel and do something big.

See interior shots on the next page.

BrownstoneFront 359x540 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

BrownstoneDiningRoom 359x540 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

BrownstoneLivingRoom 540x359 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

BrownstoneKitchen 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

BrownstoneBedroom11 540x414 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

BrownstoneBedroom2 359x540 12 Foot Wide Brooklyn Brownstone

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  1. Bill Sweeney:

    do you have a floorplan I could see? We just bought a 12 foot wide brownstone in Brooklyn! This looks really lovely. Just a sketch would be great to get us thinking. thanks.

  2. we are not the original posters, try the link included in the post

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