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Interview: Highsnobette Talks To Matthew Chevallard Of Del Toro Footwear

01 August 2011, 13.03 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | 4 comments »

Del Toro Designer - Matthew Chevallard

In these parts we firmly believe not only in a sultry knee weakening  edgy pair of shoes, but also in timeless classics designed  with flair and  and craftsmanship.Recently we had the opportunity to meet one of the purveyors of very handsome footwear, Del Toro shoes  helmed by equally handsome Matthew Chevallard.  The young designer opens up about his favorite blogs, his inspiration for the brand and even his favorite look on a woman. A great read awaits you on the next page , as well as a chance   for a chance to win an exclusive pair of Del Toro women’s slipper you, the reader get to design later on today!

Del Toro  Classic Slipper


HS-What ’s the story behind the Del Toro name?


MC-The name comes from where I was born, Torino Italy. Specifically it’s an  homage to the soccer team my family has been big fans of for generations, Torino Calcio. Del Toro means fan of Torino in other words in Italian. While the name  represents my background and heritage it also characterizes our ideal consumer which grabs life by the horns and isn’t afraid to express their sense of style. 
HS-What is your connection to fashion blogs ?


MC-I choose work with a lot of bloggers because, I belive they help me educate consumers on the quality and styling of my shoes.



HS-What are your top 5  favorite blogs?

-Selectism,  Brooklyn street art,  GQ eyeGrungy Gentleman,Highsnobiety & Highsnobette


 Del Toro Women's

HS-What would you say is your biggest influence or source of inspiration with Del Toro?

 MC-My inspiration comes from a myriad of sources. Among others though,   my upbringing and diverse  background. I was fortunate enough to experience travelling and living in a wide range of places growing. Del Toro is a combination  of American prep, sneaker head culture, and the legacy of Italian classics and elegance. These three facets represent me being born and growing up in Italy to moving to Palm Beach and going to boarding school to being enthralled in the sneaker culture during my high school and college days.



HS-Were are you currently based?

 Miami Beach but I’m  traveling more and more to my factory in Italy and a lot of short stints in NYC.



HS-Can you paint a picture of what the fashion/ footwear scene is in Florida?

 MC-The fashion scene is funny in Florida. All of South Florida is very diverse. Fashion in Miami is more international and open minded, relaxed and casual. Fashion in Palm Beach is extremely preppy and narrowly defined. A lot of sandals and flip flops which are certainly my pet peeve but,  I think Floridans value comfort more than anything. Hence  the reason why all my shoes are so comfortable.I strive to make shoes with the finest components/quality and craftsmanship that’ Made in Italy’ has to offer.



HS-What’s a good place to hang out in FL?

MC-I love Miami Beach,  when I’m home I spend a lot of time at  the Soho beach house.

Deltoro-Alto driver



HS-Your  personal favorite Del Toro style?

MC-The  Alto Driver.(above)




HS-What prompted the inclusion of women styles in the line?

MC- Catering to women is a must for me ,  in the footwear industry. While I started exclusively with men’s footwear , women   understand and appreciate  my footwear even more.



HS-What’s your favorite look/outfit  on a woman?

MC-The most attractive look to me is that of a classic Italian woman.  Slim jeans ,  oxford button down paired with either velvet slippers or driving shoes. (Don’t worry ladies, driving shoes coming soon!)


HS- Name a few  women you would like to see in Del Toro shoes:
MC-Jacqueline Kennedy, Kate Middleton, Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Klum/Marissa Miller

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