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Introducing: Lilly Lab Spring/Summer 2011

02 May 2011, 13.34 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

lillylab7 359x540 Introducing: Lilly Lab Spring/Summer 2011 

Designed by female skateboarder  South Godfrey, Lilly Lab  apparel features   hand painted  one of a kind  custom prints, and paint spatters. As summer approaches the nonchalance of looking like you just spent your day creating some painterly masterpiece  is too cool to ignore. If you rock them while you glide down the street on your board even better. View some of our faves from Lilly Lab on the next page. All available here

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  1. At first read, I was so excited to check this clothing line out….a skateline for girls who actually skate, sounds awesome!!….but what a disapointment…I am sad that this collection has nothing to do with skateboarding at all except some skinny model holding a longboard as a prop…why is it all about fashion and no function at all!?…this does nothing for us girls who try and progress and push our sport…I dont know any female skaters that would wear this crap. How about something that I can actually skate in?…sweatpant material shoes, massive hanging shirts and knit sweaters…cmon!!…this line makes a mockery out of REAL female skaters…and the sport of skateboarding in general….just my 2cents.

  2. Hey Kimbo (and anyone else out there who cares), I’m the president of Lilly Lab and thought you’d like to see me actually skating in some of my clothes. Some girls do skate in this ‘crap’ and love it. I also skate in long skirts and dress on a 81/4\ x 32 1/4\ Skull Skates board with Indie trucks and Santa Cruz wheels. I love thinking outside the \male skateboarding box\ and being hyper feminine. I absolutely LOVE that you think this collection has nothing to do with skateboarding cause that means I AM progressing skateboarding forward. It’s your mentality that is holding girls back from wanting to join skating cause its \just for boys.\ Are you telling me that if a girl showed up at one of your camps wearing the wrong clothes you’d tell her she can’t skate? It’s so funny cause I live and breathe the lifestyle and to read what you wrote just kills me (with laughter)!

    Thanks for the comment though and if you don’t mind, take a look at these clips:

    A battle wound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP9cDo-fumg

    In a bowl: http://youtu.be/PXYT-Hzv8_g

    Out riding yesterday: http://youtu.be/fYZ4jL-_jjI

    oh ps. We absolutely need knit sweaters to skate in up here in Canada. FYI.

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