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High Heel Nike Dunks!!??

05 January 2011, 18.15 | Posted in Sneakers, shoes that make you go hmm | 27 comments »

high heeldunks1

While we highly doubts that Nike actually put these out on the market we have to give kudos to the excution of the above high heel nike dunks which clearly look better than the high heel Jordans we’ve seen out and about. A precursor to what’ Louboutin X Nike or Jimmy Cho0 X Nike  could look like ? Lots more on the flip, all available here.

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  2. =|

    This is BEYOND tacky. Yuck!

    xo Nicole

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  5. kaya:

    These are dope as fuck…for true sneakerheads. The jordan ones are tacky. I’ll def cop all the paule marrot dunks in these. Is this website legit though?

  6. you cant be sincerly promoting a fake pair of nikes ?
    and you cant sincerly be promoting a fake ass – dodgy looking sneaker website either.
    quality control please.

  7. Who is in charge of posting on this site? It’s almost disrespectful to even post these. They’re ugly and fake. Sneakers are made to be sneakers for a reason and high heels are designed for a reason also. Not too merge into ugly and unattractive knock-offs, for ghetto hood bitches to rock cause they don’t know any better.

    All B A D.

  8. First time on this site and I question it’s taste level. Disappointing to street-wear and sneaker fanatics. DO BETTER!

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  10. Vomit-worthy!

  11. [...] concept, but I think they just look like booties with an athletic twist. Unfortunately (I think?) they are not actually for sale, but I could totally see Rihanna (or my friend Anna) rocking a pair of [...]

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  14. eu tenho varios modelos para venda.
    entrem em contato comigo.



  15. Hx:

    love these…. can I get them in a 13?

  16. roweby:

    to all those of you who have a problem with these shoes… grow up and get a life… if you don’t like them don’t look at them or buy them however if others enjoy them and aren’t so up themselves that they’re concerned by whether or not the shoes are knock-offs, they should be allowed to buy them without criticism… a brand name or symbol is nothing more than a marketing ploy that allows large companies to force people to pay ridiculous prices for pieces of fabric and rubber… and to those of you talking about it affecting “sneaker and streetwear fanatics” no one is asking you to wear them…. or does them existing mean you have to go out and buy some???

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  21. 茶叶商城…

    [...]High Heel Nike Dunks | Highsnobette.com[...]…

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  23. Gabriela:

    What is wrong with you people! Me and my daughter love them!! How could you not? They are super cute and since I suffer from pain in my feet, is the perfect combination for me to finally use high heels. Where do they sell them?

  24. Trust me u lot dnt kno wot ur on bout there sexy mate I’ve cop me a pair of dem already u lot need 2 keep up wiv 2012 not 1993 get over urselfs iiiiddoootsss

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  26. julie:

    I SOO WANT A PAIR!! is there a website i can buy them on? or where in Australia can you buy these???

  27. nike.com

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