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Opening Ceremony Blue Rabbit Fur Coat

22 July 2010, 19.39 | Posted in Coats & Jackets, Retail, fur | 9 comments »

OCFur1 Opening Ceremony Blue Rabbit Fur Coat

I’m hesitating on the fact that this coat is over-sized (I pretty much like everything half a size too small) but other than that, this blue, man-tailored rabbit fur coat is a pure delight, and one of those items you could wear into the ground, not to mention perhaps use as an impromptu mattress, blanket or pillow should you pass out someplace where beds are short.

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  2. CC86:

    This would have looked much better on the rabbits, who, I’ll warrant, wouldn’t share the opinion that it’s a ‘pure delight’. Distasteful and cruel, simple as.

  3. the making of textiles involves death and we don’t descriminate between a cotton plant, a cow, or a bunny rabbit. so we will feature fur here on occassion now and for always….and feathers, and leather and sheepskin, etc.

  4. CC86:

    Well in that case, ‘indiscriminate’ death is quite the selling point.

  5. we post cowskin and sheepskin constantly and no one says crap….throw up bunnyskin and suddenly a great crime has been committed. think about, that really makes not an ounce of sense.

  6. CC86:

    Though no preference was mentioned for rabbits over any other animal, the execution methods adopted within the fur industry (namely anal electrocution) are especially cruel and, more importantly, ENTIRELY avoidable, particularly when the end product is a vile blue coat such as this.

  7. Much worse for animals farmed for meat—they’re hung upside down alive, throat is slashed, and they slowly bleed to death. The reason we get people like you coming out the woodwork ONLY for fur posts is because PETA has made fur the centerpiece of its fundraising efforts, which target young, well-educated, middle class females. Not sure why, but I guess like you said that demographic can see life w/out a fur coat not one sans a Big Mac.

  8. CC86:

    All of that was premised on a pretty impressive collection of notions – that I’m a young, educated, middle class, PETA-supporting and meat-eating female who spends her time frequenting mac donalds… absolutely none of which you know to be the case. I too could resort to personal attacks and the use of tired, unimaginative cliches about ”people like you”, but I think my original comment stands for itself.

  9. you’re misreading….there is no attack or accusation. obvs i don’t know you’re background and i don’t have any issue w the demographic i described. peta has a target; all fundraisers do

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