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Beyonce & Lady GaGa Video Stills

16 November 2009, 16.17 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 4 comments »


Above is one of the images from the Beyonce/Lady GaGa video for “Video Phone” song that leaked out over the weekend. We were kinda hoping to see the GaGa/Rihanna collabo first, but oh well, maybe that’s just to much fierceness in one room. Plus, as Samia pointed out last night, our favorite Southern Belle, Beyonce, is still focused on raising her edgy quotient. And if Ms. Knowles is on a mission, aint nothin’ gonna get in her way!

There’s one more still after the jump. These images are from BeyonceFan, which also links to the song track. I love Bee’s music, but there is zero new ground being broken on this one.


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  1. Oreka:

    Lmao. This is gonna be so WEIRD!!! shoot. Like I have “Video Phone” from Beyonce’s cd, and hearing this makes me SMH at times! But all is good in the hood.

  2. if beyonce found out that you said her equation was less fierce than a gaga + rihanna collab, i think she would rip out your trachea

  3. Rhianna wouldnt of been able to keep up Gaga. Lets not forget Rhianna really has no talent, other then to look good in whatever $7500.00 gown she was given to wear.
    Beyonce does have some creativity to her and lets not forget that key word.. TALENT!
    So no i would hate to see a Rhianna and Gaga collab. EVER.
    Beyonce is the ultimate hoochie. Amber Rose has more class sometimes.. lol that was low.

  4. So much unnecessary negativity on this post. Rip out her trachea? Really? How fckin rude.

    But anyways, I don’t like the video at all. Tell me, where’s the phone in this video?? Let alone a “video phone” Why are there guns?? It doesn’t make any sense. Beyonce looks fab, but she was trying to channel her inner Rihanna in the beginning. Black shades, blonde hair, & dark lips. Like c’mon now, who you foolin Bee? I like both Beyonce & Rihanna but yea that was just too reminiscent of RihRih. I liked the song so much better w/o Gaga. She didn’t fit the song at all. Even listening to her part, it seemed so off. Everyone made it seem like this was about to be the most amazing video ever & it wasn’t. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

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