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Aviator Nation Spring/Summer 2010 Preview

16 November 2009, 15.25 | Posted in Fashion | 6 comments »

av5 540x264 Aviator Nation Spring/Summer 2010 Preview

 Aviator Nation, a label built around Paige Mycoskie’s love of the ocean and vintage tees makes apparel that exemplifies this free spirited ocean  loving surfer lifestyle. Reminiscent of  California & Hawaii the appeal of this line is really the very lived-in comfy  look and feel of the clothing. Yes it has a tendency to be very LA celeb style trendy , but a piece or two won’t damage your edgy street cred.The sweatpants  totally got me…On the next page a few of my fave looks from Aviator Nation Spring/Summer 2010.

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  1. Oreka:

    Noice. :)

  2. Rachel:

    This stuff is a total rip-off of Free City

  3. Leslie:

    Are you kidding me Aviator Nation’s designs are so much more original than Free City. not too mention way softer and less expensive there is no comparison here… what is the hype with Free City anyway??

  4. Both brands are putting in work…stay focused

  5. cheryl:

    OMG – this woman totally ripped off FREE CITY.

    This is blatant plagiarism.

  6. LJ:

    Free city designs are more psychedelic artwork based, whereas AV is more retro colorblock based, and reminds me of stuff I used to wear in the early 90’s growing up. I really don’t think AV is a ripoff of Free City, since Paige Mycoskie was designing shit well before Free city made its debut in 2001. and I’m a fan of both. I tend to like AV more just because it has more interesting color blocking that is hand sewn onto the garment. Free city has some pretty trippy ass designs on the back of some hoodies, which are cool but I don’t feel like I would enjoy the design forever.
    Btw, plagiarism girl – designers borrow shit from each other all the time in the LA fashion industry. It’s called a fashion trend. And if the designer outsources her manufacturing to an LA cut and sew factory, she risks losing her design to the manufacturer, who can then sell it to Chinese fashion firms or label them as their own. These designs aren’t patented and anyone can rip them off. It sucks but that is what happens in the art and fashion world. And I don’t think that either company is directly ripping off the other. They each have very distinctive styles.

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