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Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Follow-up

08 October 2009, 15.22 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Shoes | 11 comments »

mjfront Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Follow up

A little follow-up on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 ready-to-wear show….on second look at the shoes, I have to admit they are pushing my boundaries. Like I want the fur only to be in the BACK on the shoe, and I’m not sure I like the dressy look of the heels given how sporty the uppers are. That being said, I feel like I’m being moved in a GOOD way, lol, sort of like limits-pushing sex. You may have been a little forced, but your mind fills more expansive for it!

As for the clothes, I think they’re amazing and full of life and optimistic, which is so nice for a change. Judging from the reviews at Style (where all these images are from), they don’t like Louis looking so sporty, but oh well, rules is meant to be broken, ’specially in days like these.

Many more after the flip…

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  1. Alison:

    These shoes are THE worst, you know you dont like them, you’re just saying it cause its LV. The green ones will make your feet look like they have full blown AIDS.

  2. lol, i really do like them. why would i gas them up cuz they’re lv? marc and hs aren’t even industry acquaintences and we have no relationship with the brand either (we wish!)

  3. Steph:

    WOW… that isn’t cute at all. I think you looked at them too long trying to find something good, your eyes got crossed and now you can’t see very well, which is why you think you like them lol i’m just kidding, to each his own but, lets be honest… would you spend that much on THAT ?! Nahhh.. mayyybe from a yard sale :( ..Sorry but they failed on the shoes. But hey that’s just me! :-)

  4. VOMIT:

    im sorry… you’re metaphor about sex is not that smart girls… limit pushing sex that feels forced is nothing like clogs with tassels. it’s called rape. those shoes don’t rape they just confuse and will get so yucky in the rain.

  5. Alison:

    You know how people do…they’re brand whores and they just co-sign with everything a brand does just because….if you really do like them then more power to ya, different strokes for different folks, but, like I said, some people will hope on any old bandwagon. lol

  6. Alison:


  7. Lois:

    i think marc is very consistent and a genius designer but he has had collections that my response to was lackluster….like i’m recalling i wasn’t super jazzed by the marc jacobs fall 2009 collection. but he is on my top 5 list so i’m sure that i give him more of a chance in the first place. and in that respect i am a label ho; my partner here, samia, is much better about giving recognition to up-and-coming talent

  8. The runway is often the extreme version of what will hit mass market. Creative geniuses like Marc Jacobs or even Gaultier and of course or beloved Rodarte are often Waaaay to ahead of the curve for mass market taste or even production.

    What will be even more interesting , will be the fact that as the main product and the ones who have opened their minds to actually see, understand and appreciate gets relegated to having a terminal disease( …hun?? really do not get that analogy btw ?) Most people will be all over the take-down versions that every other brand will come out with come spring’10.
    Not even realizing that what they bashed ends up on their feet. It’s all about perspective and taste which really cannot be discussed as it varies from one person to the next. In these parts we are about pushing the limits of fashion beyond even liking or wearbility. Some designers are just flat out creative and we have the maturity to appreciate it on that level I guess….

  9. I love art and fashion but those shoes are some of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. Up there with uggs real talk.

  10. Awesome, I like your post

  11. bep ga am…

    [...]Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Follow-up | Highsnobette.com[...]…

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