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Forever 21 Getting In Trouble Again…

13 April 2009, 18.36 | Posted in Common Sense, Design, Fashion | 1 comment »
Top Row Forever21 shirts/Bottom Row Trovata shirts

Top Row Forever21 shirts/Bottom Row Trovata shirts

We’ve always had  a special outlook  on retailers like Forever 21 , who often  do  not merely  get inspiration from high end labels but flat out copy them. One might argue the fact that  such retailer  make the design “accessible” to all but, on the other hand what happens to the team or designers that actually came up with the design ? Trovata is the latest label to have had design” inspiration” issues with the retailer :

“…companies including Diane Von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, and Anthropologie have filed over 50 lawsuits against Forever 21 over the last three years relating to copyright infringement. (Forever 21 settled the cases out of court.) Unlike previous lawsuits against Forever 21, Trovata’s doesn’t accuse the store of copyright infringement, but alleges that Forever 21 copied unique button placements, decorative stitching, and fabric patterns, among other details…” via Nymag
 In our book there’s no substitute for quality ,craftmanship and the respect of  creativity…

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1 comment
  1. oreka:

    Damn. How could you Forever 21?!?!! I shop at Forever 21 thinkin their prices are great which they are compared to other stores. Anyways, I never knew they copied other clothing lines. Damn. Oh well, I’ll continue shopping there because their prices are right, it’s a recession, we need lower prices. Forever 21’s jeans for women are like under $15, that’s pretty good. Now at H&M,Anthropology, and Urban Outfitters, their jeans are all above $40!!

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