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Santigold’s Big Money Jumpsuit

30 March 2009, 17.46 | Posted in Fashion, Music, celebrity | 12 comments »
santo1 Santigolds Big Money Jumpsuit

Santigold performing at Ultra Music Festival in Miami

This is the second image I’ve come across in less than a week’s time that Santigold has been photographed wearing a jumpsuit. She seems to like a baggier sort of fit, which bugs me a little. I could see this as an item to wear during a spring day hanging out in Brooklyn, but not as a performance piece.

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There’s a full-body shot on the other. She’s wearing sneakers….guess what brand?

santo2 Santigolds Big Money Jumpsuit

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  1. you spelled her name wrong

  2. LoisSnobette:

    Thanks, Rich. I’m gonna fix it, but I think I should get a pass on that one given that we’re talking a one-letter difference, plus the fact that she orginally spelled it w an “o.”

  3. the fabric is reminiscent of a 2001 (?) d&g dress. agreed on the fit.

  4. I liked it better when she spelled it santogold. I like the jumpsuit, Her hair on the other hand….

  5. She had her name changed to SANTIGOLD due to a lawsuit from wrestler SANTOGOLD…so SANTIGOLD is the correct way to currently spell it

  6. Yeah girl! I gots those sneakers!

  7. Wow, this has been a very educational exchange for me! Bet on me NOT misspelling her name ever again.

  8. i cannot believe that ol’ fool took her to court over that. it wouldn’t be an issue if she weren’t making any money & getting hyped. some people’s kids!

    i love this jumpsuit though, it suits her. lame pun totally intended.

  9. oreka:

    Actually, Santogold wasn\’t a wrestler\’s name, it was the name of a jewelery store. So that jewelery store sued her or w/e they did, and that made her change it. I also like the name Santogold better too, but I guess I could get used to Santigold. Anyways, I love Santogold and her music. Her music is different from the rest and it kills any stereotype for the music African American/Canadian\’s make because she does all genres of music. Lol, I love her backup dancers, there in like most of her videos doing the weirdest but sickest dance moves. And Santogold is one of the few artists on my list that could wear anything and still look good.

  10. oreka:

    **Oh and her Reeboks are killin it, even though I’ve seen them before.

  11. her name is santi white; santigold makes sense its cool…i love her; she reps bedstuy along with m.i.a. and i admire them both for that

  12. LDK:

    kinda urgent: which brand is this jumpsuit????
    thanks xoxo

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