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Mugler for Beyonce Tour Costume Sketches

26 March 2009, 18.06 | Posted in Couture, Designer Collaboration, Fashion, celebrity | 5 comments »

beyoncefront Mugler for Beyonce Tour Costume Sketches

WWD released some sketches of the costumes Thierry Mugler is working on for Beyonce’s upcoming world concert. No doubt it will be a very polished and tight set of looks. That being said, I for one will half miss Beyonce’s Mom’s doing the fashion direction. Granted she’s often over the top and too informed by her Southern-Belle-trashy-prom-queen sensibilities, but at the very least she’s entertertaining and more likely to inspire comment than anything an experienced, top designer creates. I mean, Mugler is talking about this collection being about the “duality between being a woman and a warrior,” and I’m like, okay really? And that theme aint worn out like an old man’s suit??

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  1. ej:

    Hello Zap Brannigan!

  2. A Savvy:

    LMFAO @ Captain Zap comment!

  3. tank:

    even if his theme is worn out, b is too vanilla to present convincingly. she need to find her own lane and edgy high-style fashion is not it. she and her image are too plastic and boring. i\’ll be surprised if she actually looks like she\’s wearing the style as opposed to the style wearing her in the end.

  4. That is very true, Tank. Lately with her trying to up her fashion game, her look is really all over the map. but I think no matter what she wears on stage or in videos, her day-to-day look remains borderline atrocious, even if she is always carriyingthe supposed latest and greatest bag. No matter, still love the woman.

  5. oreka:

    Lol. You guys can say w/e you want. Cause we all know that even though her style is ‘borderline atrocious’, she still wears better clothes than us. But ANYWAYS, I love Beyonce, and that tour costume sketch is what I’m talkin about! “Sasha Fierce” right there! :)

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