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Beyonce’s Mani: Opposite of a Good Look!

12 February 2009, 20.15 | Posted in celebrity | 5 comments »

beebustednails Beyonces Mani: Opposite of a Good Look!es, Yes, those are Beyonce’s nails you’re looking at!! I mean, what the damn eff Bee, when exactly was the last time you got your nails did?? They are so bad in fact that I can’t help but think it’s a media stunt (granted a minor one), especially since she’s wearing what is supposedly her almost-never-worn engagement ring on the other hand. This is Bee, after all, the high priestness of Black Southern Belles, who do not do busted pedicures. And if if this is her attempt to be edgy, it’s not working! Mainly ’cause the chipped-nail look only works if you’re a skinny, young girl who smokes Marlboros and only ever wears skinny jeans and hightop Chucks. Sorry, but otherwise, you just look jacked-up and lazy.

All images from WireImage.

One more look at Bee’s scandolous pedi on the other side.

beebustednails2 Beyonces Mani: Opposite of a Good Look!

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  1. nyc-heart:

    Is this a gossip blog now? And paahleeze will you learn how to spell? I mean oppositie? Pathetic.

  2. Oops! Thanks for the typo call-out. And I call myself an editor??

    And it’s not gossip that Bee’s mani is busted. It really is. Pictures don’t lie. Well, most of the time anyway.

  3. A Savvy:

    This website is about style and fashion. And her nails are fair game & busted. She knows the drill, she\’s been on red carpets before. No excuse. Did Isakany say anything about her being straight up wack & played out? No she didn\’t.

  4. And actually, we are Beyonce fans and have been writing about her and a handful of other stylish celebs since this blog was called ChicksandKicks. As amazing as she is, let\\\’s face it, she does some quirky things fashion-wise somtimes.

  5. melissa:

    @ LoisSakany
    i agree.
    ever see the pics when she hadnt shaved?

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